A Beginner Guide to Start Blogging

I am going to share some of my personal experience for newbie to start Blogging. Are you confused about how to start, where to start etc…

While I have started my Blogging , I was in the same condition. In course of time I have learnt so many things and tactics about Blogging. I am going to share it here. This Series of my writing. So it will be the best practice to bookmark this URL to read next time.

I am going to write about

  • Topics Selection to Domain Selection
  • Hosting to Platform Selection
  • Content Planning
Blogging Start Infographic

Brief Guideline to start Blogging

Short tactics to start Blogging

  • Pick a topic which is easy for you
  • Research Keywords
  • Domain Name Selection
  • Choose Good Host
  • Choose CMS
  • Do content Planning
  • Publish the content
  • Share it to right audience
  • Start Collecting Leads
  • Nursing your leads
  • Analyze the Success
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Choose Right Topics

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You don’t need passport to write a travel blog

Choosing topic is not easy task. I have made a checklist about choosing Blogging topics. Try to answer following questions. It will help you to choose perfect niche.
Pick right topics

Very first time when I started Blogging, I am not sure what should write, I do search and search, find out the suited topics for me etc. After starting to write, I have gathered some experience about Blogging. I am going to share my experiences here.

Know about your audience

Very first thing, I put emphasize on my audience. Without audience, my article will be fruitless. Targeting the audience is the first factor to keep in mind. Make a survey of your targeted audience’s profile, what they search, why they search, how they search, what they share.

Guess, you have targeted the people of Bangladesh, age around 18-24, who are looking for different Search Engine Optimization tips, are trying to earn some money doing some freelancing jobs in different market place. They are facing challenges to start learning. This may be a primary data of your targeted audience.

Now, just visit the different SEO and Blogging community of Bangladeshi. These communities may be forum, blog, facebook group etc. Make a note of their questions list. You will get the primary idea what they are looking for.

I am here providing the sample survey


Survey helps to Pick up the right Topics

Background: Student
Demographic: 20-25 years women, living in urban area, practicing SEO, Monthly income $$$$
Identifiers: Love to help others, active in social media
Goals: Want to be leader in Blogging
Challenges: Advance topics of SEO
How can help: providing the information of advance topics
Common objection: Nobody shares inner secrets.

This is the sample survey. Collect as much information as you can. Don’t make this survey report based on assumption or good people. Keep different types of people in your survey.

Relevant to your Audience

I think you already targeted the audience. What is the next task? Find the topics relevant to your audience. If your audience is newbie, start from very basic topics e.g. What is [Topic], how you will start [Topic], How to be benefited with [Topic], etc.

Choosing relevant topics helps you to reach the goal
Blogging Topics must be

  • Relevant with your audience
  • Your Objective
  • Present Times
  • Must be informational
  • Make solution of their problems

Steal other blog ideas


Blog idea Quotes

Follow the some of the blogging titles of your favorite one. You will easily get idea. What ever the blog topics is no problem.

If I am going to start a new blog about lifestyle and love this post, I will copy the title like
“A Beginner Guide to [My topics]”

BuzzSumo is one of the great tools for finding trending articles from a site or about your topics. just see the following screenshot of BuzzSumo.

In this screenshot , i have just try to find out the trending article of this site ,ontaheen.

Trending article of Ontaheen.com By buzz Sumo

Trending article of Ontaheen.com By buzz Sumo

8 tools to find trending topics

Keyword Research for newbie

Very first thing, I want to say I am not good at keyword research at all. If you want you can skip this section. Most of the time I use pro tools that why I don’t have enough experience of manual research.

This is pretty long story. There are some factors you have to emphasis. The very first thing is about the keyword nature. Generate some idea about short tail and long tail keyword.

I use following tools to find the long tail keyword idea.

This help me much to generate the long tail idea. Just make a list in Excel file of those keywords.

Now, Use the Google Keyword planner. Find the Search Volume of those keywords. Watch carefully some factors.

  • Search Volume
  • CPC
  • is it trending or Not
  • is it Seasonal

Usually I select medium search volume with medium CPC rate. Now it is time to analyze.

Step -1 : Type the following url in your address bar


This will redirect you to main server of google. Usually google redirect the country specific domain. Like google.com.bd etc

Step -2 : Search with following and make a note of the total search result


Every time you search, just note down total search result found.

Step- 3: Now do the more research. Collect first 10 url of Google search. And check their competency. Check their Domain Authority, Page authority, Trust flow, Citation Flow.


Blogging protip of keyword research

Blogging protip of keyword research

Just follow the steps

  • go to what is my SERP.
  • Type any in the domain name box.
  • Put your keyword.
  • Click on Check Keywords.
  • Copy the first 10 urls
  • Then put it in seo review tools
Bulk Domain authority Checker

Bulk Domain authority Checker

In this screenshot I have used SEOREVIEWTOOLS
It will shows you all of the url Page Authority, Domain authority and calculate your Average domain authority.

Some pro tools you can use

  • Majestic seo
  • Open site Explorer
  • Longtail pro
  • Keyword boss
  • SME Rush

I have found a good article about keyword research in moz.com

Checklist of Keyword research

  • Search Volume
  • Title Competitor
  • inurl Competitor
  • Domain authority of top ranking site
  • Page authority of Top ranking site
  • Number of Backlink of Top sites
  • Trending or Not
  • Seasonal keywords
  • Number of referring domains

I think that’s enough for a newbie. Though I am not good at keyword research but it is the most important part of blogging. Study more and more on different articles by using google.

Domain Selection

Domain Selection is another great part of Blogging. A good domain name helps to go ahead. While choosing domain name some factors should keep it in mind


Domain name should be memorable. It may be common words of our regular use, your brand name. But it should be easy to remember and type. A good domain name and website spreads through words.


Keep your domain name short. It is easy to type in the browser. For sharing and typing short domain name help much. Try to follow the following checklist.
Not more than 15 characters
Avoid Hyphen – It makes spam look

Factors to keep in mind

I know you have already thinking about domain name. Wait for a while. Don’t rush. There are several terms you should know before selecting domain name.
Do keywords research first? What is you seed keyword. Write down in your notepad. Now learn about PMD, EMD and Brandable domain name.

PMD is Better

PMD stands for partial Match Domain. Based on keyword research, partially match with your keyword is better. It helps you to rank first. An example, grammar check is the main keyword for Grammerly.com

Avoid EMD

Exact match domain (EMD) is not preferable in this moment. Google doesn’t take it positive. Though some of the SEO specialists say that, everything depends on your content. If your content is highly enriched, No problem will create in EMD. Rather it will provide you extra facility. I , personally , don’t prefer EMD.

Brand Domain name is the Best

I always prefer brand. But to make your website a brand you have to work more and more. Quality and Quantity are the main factors. Though some of the brands you will see that quantity is not any factors.

Extension is factors

Brand Domain Name

Brand Domain Name

Peoples are used to with .com domain extension. It is one of the top level domain names. If dot com domain extension is not available you may choose .org or .net. According to the different survey it was said that .org domain rank faster than other domain. So first preference is the .com , then .org and .net.

Content Idea Gift

I know you have read this article. Next topics will publish soon. I am going to provide exclusive gift for next topics which helps you to get the best content title. Share and unlock the topics
Ways to find great Content Idea

Download: Click To Download

Other domain extension I don’t know how much helpful. That’s why I don’t write about those here. If you have different opinion, please write it in comments.

Hi everybody, I am Meher Nigar. Love blogging, Online Marketing, Surfing internet .Knowledge is my passion. I am guest blogger here

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