Boxing Day Origin: What you need to know

The day after the Christmas day is the Boxing Day. It is also known as second Christmas day. Usually, in this day workers, employees, servants, customers, tradesmen receive a gift box of Christmas from their masters, boss. According to the history, this day is first usually observed in the United Kingdom.

Common Wealth Nations mostly observe this day as they were in the British colony. I have listed the country names of Commonwealth nations

Other Names of Boxing Day

Boxing Day is known to second Christmas day in the UK. There are other names also. There are some days also which are celebrated in this day. These are St. Stephen’s Day. Germany, Poland, the Netherlands and Scandinavia celebrate this day as a second Christmas day.

Boxing Day Origin

No definite and reliable information are found about the Boxing Day origin. According to the dictionary of Oxford, very first celebration of this day was in England. It was around 1830. In this day, postman, servants expect various kinds of gift for the occasion of Christmas Day. The gift box was known as Christmas box.

Oxford Dictionary defines this day as “The first weekday after Christmas day”. According to the Samuel Pepys’ diary which is written about 1663.During that times the tradesmen collect their Christmas gift for the purpose of their good services throughout the year. This tradition replaced with new rule masters provides the gift to their workers and servants.

In the modern time, this custom is again modified. Masters not only provides the gift to their workers and they also provide bonuses they invite their family members to the house. They served delicious food to them. Masters also exchange greetings to the servant’s family members.

In some European Countries People serve food to the poor people, help them financially. Beside this, they also provide Cloths to them. Serving food is also known as Feast of Saint Stephen in Europe.

But how this culture and tradition become famous is unknown. Why its name is Boxing Day, the exact information is not clear.

This day is a public holiday. It is also called a secular holiday. Former British Colonies celebrates this day. In Europe, it is a religious holiday. Bank Holiday is also observed in this day.

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