Chittagong University Ranking Review and Admission

The university of Chittagong is a public and multidisciplinary university of Bangladesh. This university is established in 1966.It has a large campus surrounded by natural hills. The campus is situated about 22 kilometers north from Chittagong main city. The total area is covered by the university of Chittagong is about 1753 acres. This university provides Honours, Post Masters, MBBS, BDS, B.Sc. in (Textile, Medical Technology, and Nursing), PGD, Diploma & some Certificate Courses.

University of Chittagong Overview

Chittagong University Logo

Chittagong University Logo

Chittagong University is the top University of Chittagong.It is also one of the best public universities also. Here I have mentioned some key points of Chittagong University. Thousands of line can be written about Chittagong University. Now Vote for your University. Don’t forget to write your opinion about Chittagong University.

Chittagong University At a Glance

Serial No Keys Details
1 Name University Of Chittagong
2 Established 1966
3 Type Multi-Disciplined Public University
4 Number of Faculty 08
5 Number of Departments 43
6 Website
7 Location Chittagong University , Hathazari, Chittagong Bangladesh

Chittagong University Notable Alumni

Serial No Name Short Description
1 Muhammad Yunus He is the first Bangladeshi Nobel Prize Winner. In the year of 2006, Dr. Muhammad Yunus achieved Nobel Prize along with Grameen Bank. He is the founder of Grameen Bank. He initiated the micro-credit program in Bangladesh
2 Jamal Nazrul Islam Bangladeshi Mathematical Physicist and Cosmologist. He did research on Applied Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Theoretical Physics, Mathematical Physics, theory of Gravitation, General Relativity, Mathematical Cosmology and Quantum Field Theory. Several books and journals are written by him.

Chittagong University Ranking

According to Web O Matrics, Chittagong university obtained 6th in Bangladesh. World Ranking of this university is 2810.

Serial No Ranking in Position
1 World Ranking 2810
2 Bangladesh Ranking 6
3 Continental Ranking 770
4 Presence Rank 11635
5 Impact Rank 4677
6 Openness Rank 2749
7 Excellence Rank 3086

Chittgong University Review

9.5 Total Score
Top Public University

The University of Chittagong is one of the best multidisciplined public university of Bangladesh. A large campus surrounding the hill make it awesome. It has great achievement in the educational sector of Bangladesh.

User Rating: 4.57 (7 votes)

Chittagong University Admission

Chittagong University admission test is during August to December Every year. Thousands of students apply to get admit into Chittagong University. Chittagong officially declared the admission test circular in their website. Local and National Dailies published the circular.

Chittagong University Admission Circular 2017-2018

Chittagong University publishes its admission circular every year after the higher secondary examination results. Official Website of Chittagong University publishes it first. Then National Dailies, local newspapers circulate this.
Students have to fill up online form through their website. Admit card is also issued by them. The further procedure like sit plan, viva date, and admission test results are also available on their website.
Chittagong University Admission Circular is not published Yet. We will update it when the Circular is published

Vedio of Chittagong University Campus

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