Cinco De Mayo 2017: Facts History & Tradition

Cinco De Mayo 2017 will be celebrated on Friday, May 5, 2017, throughout the United States, Mexico, and some other countries. This post is the discussion about the facts, history, tradition & latest news about Cinco De Mayo 2017. The celebration will go on Holland also. Almost Fifty-one years have passed before the celebration in Holland venues. This celebration is one of the great events of Holland in 2017

Most of the people confused about the Mexican Independence day with Cinco De Mayo day of the dead. According to the independence day of Mexico is on September 16.

Cinco De May Facebook Cover Image

Cinco De May Facebook Cover Image

Cinco De Mayo Facts & History

The most misunderstanding holiday in Mexico is Cinco De May. The word comes from the Spanish word which means May 5. Most of the people, who observe this day, celebrate by taking Mexican Food, drinks & Culture. The fact is that it’s a commemoration of Mexican Army’s unlikely victory over the French force in 1862.

In 1858-1860, The Mexican Civil War, The Reform War, happened. During the war period, Mexico became destroyed economically. The newly elected president of Mexico, Benito Juárez hang up the payment of debts. For this suspension of debts, France, Spain, and Britain sent the troop of the navy soldier against Mexico. Spain & Britain did negotiation with the Mexico. But France did not do that. At that time France was ruled by Napoleon III. He decided to use this opportunity to spreads his kingdom to the Mexican Territory.

In 1861, well armed six thousand French Army attacked the Puebla de Los Angeles. President Juarez defeated the France Army with 2000 loyal soldier. This was very much unexpected at that time. The day was 5th May 1682. Almost hundreds of Mexican soldier died on that day. During this time, the day is known as Cinco De Mayo Day of the Dead

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