Colleges EIIN Numbers and College admission circular

EIIN refers to Educational Institute Identification Number. EIIN number is the identification number of an institution. For Admission purpose EIIN number is very much essential. If you are looking for get admitted into colleges, you have to apply for that colleges. In the recent year there are two processes of applying in the colleges.

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First process is: Apply through online. To apply for admission you have to visit education board admission website

One can choose up to 10 colleges list. Candidates have to pay 150 BDT for applying.

Second Process: Applying through mobile. Candidates have to pay 120 BDT for every College. It is important to know EIIN number while applying for the XI Class Admission.

Education board Result

Bangladesh have total 9 Education board. 7 are general education board and 1 Madrasha Education board, 1 Technical Education board. HSC , SSC and JSC result published in those website as well as Official Website of Education board. To get the result first follow the respective education boards Website.

All Education boards Website

You can get the all Colleges list and EIIN number from Below.

Chittagong Boards All Colleges EIIN Number

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Chittagong board have 181 One hundred Eighty One Colleges in 32 (Thirty two Thanas). Best colleges of Chittagong are Chittagong College Which is located at College Road, Chawkbazar.

Download all the colleges list of Chittagong.

Dhaka Boards all colleges List with EIIN Number

Dhaka board has many colleges in Different Thana. Best Colleges in Dhaka is Notre dame Colleges. Most of the best colleges of Bangladesh are in Dhaka City. Modern Facilities are available there.


Dhaka Board All Colleges EIIN Number

Barisal District all colleges EIIN

Barisal District has 102 Colleges in 10 thana. To get the all colleges list of Barisal District with EIIN Number

Barisal Board All Colleges EIIN Number

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