Exclusive educational Websites for students to pass time on internet

If a student wants to pass time on internet s/he will find thousands of ways, thousands of worst websites. Thousands of educational websites for students are also available on internet. Choosing the best educational website will change the educational life of Students as well as society. These websites will help a student to become the leader of next generation.These are also best website to time pass.

I have made this website list from my point of view. Different times I have visited different websites some of them which looked worthy to me I have note down those. From the list I have published it as best Educational Website for the students.

    1. Wikipedia, A Free Encyclopedia

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This is a free encyclopedia. All the articles of this website are collaboratively written by the users of Wikipedia. Thousands of people are working on improving the quality of article. A student can easily get involved with Wikipedia Website by signing up in the website, improving articles, making donation, uploading photo in Wikimedia etc.

Wikipedia volunteers and Wikipedia foundation are govern the Wikipedia by editing Wikipedia editorials, communication, fund rising etc. This organization based in San Francisco. Jimmy Wales is the founder of Wikipedia.

Teachers sometimes does not like Wikipedia Website, they discourage to take information about from Wikipedia. Though it is a great educational Website for the students, but for advance level of study Wikipedia is not perfect. It will help you get the primary idea

Citing an encyclopedia for an academic paper at the University level is not appropriate – you aren’t 12 years old any more, it’s time to step up your game and do research in original sources.

Jimmy Wales Founder of Wikipeida

    1. Quora

Quora is an Educational Website where you can discussion on everything. You can consider it as a large coffee house where all kinds of discussion are taking place in different table. Some of the people are discussing about the politics, some of about food and health, scientific problems and solution, ideology, psychology and ….. etc

If you are searching for specific answers on different subjects and looking for experts about the topics you may rely on quora.com.

Quora is not only asking questions but also answering and knowledge sharing. You will be introduced with different views opinion in quora

Justin Friebel Web Developer and Marketer said about quora

It is quite easy to see that Quora (product) is a community of people that love learning. Of course there is no end to love. This makes for very interesting and intelligent questions that provoke highly detailed and thoughtful answers

    1. MOOC (Massive open Online Courses) Websites

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Wikipedia and Quora provides vast of information about different topics. But if you prefer online courses, get recognized by industry leader of your topics , you can enroll the courses offers by different Educational Website. Most of the following websites offers free courses for knowledge seeker.
These courses vary from violin to php programming. You can learn anything from those courses.

      1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non profit organization. They provide different educational materials for free on their Website (KhanAcademy.org) and as well as their youtube channel. Salman Khan is the founder of this Website.
Courses of Mathmatics are the best of Courses of Khan Academy. You can also find the courses of Computer programming and other courses too.
The founder of Khan Academy Salman Khan said about his school

Our schools should be the same—environments for safe experimentation, viewing failure as an opportunity for learning rather than a mark of shame

      1. EDx

It is one of the greatest platforms where Universities from around world offer different courses.Courses are available in various topics. Free Courses, Quizzes and other facilities are impressive. They also provide forum support. But from the huge number of course, it is difficult to find the right one. If you have enough time to pass , you can research which courses are perfect for yourself.

      1. Coursera

Like Khan Academy, Coursera is one of the most popular educational Website. This Online platform offers free courses on different areas e.g. Humanities, Science, Medical science. Digital Marketing and Many other courses offers by Coursera. More than 120 top universities also provide free courses in Coursera. The mission of Coursera

We provide universal access to the world’s best education.

To make their mission successful they are working for it.

      1. Other MOOC Educational Websites

There are numerous website of MOOC website. This sites are the best source of different Educational Courses. I am here going to mention some of the favorite MOOC Website. They are Udemy,Open Learn University,Academic Earth,Skillshare,Curious

Last words about Educational Websites

From the vast source of internet it is really hard to mention specific website lists which are Educational for the students. I believe all the websites are somehow educational. That’s why This list is not fulfilled yet. I have just sort out the some of my favorite list of website. I usually like to pass time on internet over this site. These are my best time pass website when I don’t have enough work. I know you have other choice too. Please mention the list of that websites in comments below. I will add those sites lists in my article.

This is my personal Blog . I love to play with Web. Blogging, Web design, Learning, travelling and helping others are my passion.This blog is the place where I write anything whatever come in my mind. You can call it My Personal Diary. This blog is my partner of My Endless Journey

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