How to find the relevant Facebook group, page and profile using Facebook directory

If you are passionate about Facebook marketing you have to find out the relevant pages, groups or profile according to your niche. There are many tools in online. This will help you to develop your marketing strategy.

I don’t like to use premium tools but use Facebook directory

What is Facebook Directory?

Facebook Directory is a directory of all Facebook pages, groups, profiles, places. You will get here every page, every open group, and every profile.

If you can make the best use of it, surely you don’t have to be dependent on other premium tools.


How to find the Facebook Directory?

Simply click on the following link. I have provided url of all categories.

Here you will get the list of all people by alphabetically. Simply click on the alphabet and see the names. More than 2 billion names are available there. I have just click on

I have just tried to find my name “Meher Nigar”. Here is the screenshot.

Facebook People Directory

Facebook People Directory

Here is the page directory. You can find the entire page name from this directory. As like people directory this page list also in alphabetical order. Here is the screenshot of mechanical world page.

Facebook Page Directory

Facebook Page Directory

Facebook Directory shows open group only. It doesn’t show closed group. They are organized by Name. You can sort out by their activity.


Facebook Place directory is awesome. You can discover the different cities with the help of Facebook places. It not only shows the descriptions of the place it also shows the following information as shown in the screenshot below. It will help you to generate specific Niche idea for a country or place

Facebook Event Directory

Facebook Event Directory

Facebook have a unique directory of celebrities. Here Facebook showcases the famous celebrities with their pages. People love to copy the celebrities. You can get the niche ideas from their profile.

Wikipedia showcases with some of the Facebook celebrities. You can take idea from that page also

After using this, I love Facebook page directory, but I like most Facebook places. I will write another post about finding Facebook group soon.

Beside this Facebook also provides directories of trending games, locations. Which help you to market your product according to niche.

Keep in touch until then. Is this article is worth of Sharing. Then share it. If you have a question, feel free to ask any questions.

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