Stop Spamming and Start Working With Facebook Group for Marketing!

Are you tired of Facebook group marketing? You are doing spamming in a different Facebook group for selling your product or for driving traffic. After a certain time, you are lost. You are becoming bored. You can’t sell products or drive traffic to your blog. If this happens to you, you are in the right Place.

I will here discuss you about how quickly I have grown up my group. And Drive Traffics to my blog. Before writing this I have tested something in my group Teezily University Bangladesh and Ontaheen Official Page. I have seen that facebook groups draw more visitor than a facebook page.

Why Should Do Facebook Group Marketing

Facebook groups have got more engagement than a Facebook page. If your group is good enough it will rapidly grow. You can get huge traffic and sells from the Facebook group.

Here I have described why should you go through Facebook group for business

Facebook groups send notifications to the members.

Facebook profile feeds and Page feed solely depends on Facebook Algorithm. But Facebook group post send notifications to the friends. This is one of the reasons of Facebook groups.

Facebook Groups member get Notifications

Groups member get Notifications

Anyone can add members to the group
Unlike Facebook page or profile, Facebook groups’ member can be added by anyone. That’s why Facebook group members increase more than a Facebook group.

Anyone Can Add Member To the Facebook Group

Anyone Can Add Member To the Facebook Group

Facebook group doesn’t need Marketing

To increase engagements and likes in Facebook page, you need to pay for ads. But the Facebook group doesn’t need marketing. If your members are active in a Facebook group it automatically gets engagements.

Create a Group of your Own

Think about your clients. Who are the clients of your products? Open a Facebook group. It is very much easy task.

Facebook Creating is very Easy

Facebook Creating is very Easy

How to select group name

From my point of view, a Facebook group should name considering the following matters.

Firstly Naming Psychology

Unlike selecting domain name or keyword research, Facebook group name should be based on Psychology. But keep in Mind that, Facebook group name should focus its aim

Some example of Weak group name

  • Dog Lovers
  • Dogs are Awesome
  • We love Dog

These are weak names. It draws less attraction to users. But if the name is like following it can draw attraction to the visitors “Don’t Stop Loving Dogs”

Be Specific and Focus

If my group is about dog training, I will name this group, Dog Training 101, Secrets of Training Dogs

Here are the tips of Ryan Ryan Stewart about Facebook group name.

What kind of Group You Should Create

What kind of Group You Should Create

How to increase Members in Facebook groups

After creating groups, the very first task is the increasing group members. I have discussed the some of my techniques to increase group members.

Invite your friends to the Groups

This is the very first options to start your FB groups. Add all of your friends to the Facebook group. But before doing that, talk with them to add to the group, send the links to your groups to share your groups aim and focus on your personal wall. It helps you find the targeted visitors.

Tell your members to invite the group

Write a post about groups aim and rules. Request your members to invite their friends. You can arrange competitions to add their friends. Like. Exclusive some digital products will be given to the highest active member.

Facebook Group Member Add

Facebook Group Member Add

Keep your group active

Make your Facebook Group Active

Make your Facebook Group Active

As Facebook, group engagements help you to increase engagements. Don’t add people without their permission. If you add them, they will not active. And it will slow down your group activities and feeds.

To engage your users, Post some motivational statuses, questions, polls. This will increase engagements.

Polling in Facebook Group

Polling in Facebook Group

Cross posting is helpful

Share your status with other relevant groups by obeying their rules and regulation. It will help you to increase group members.

Cross Posting Helps to introduce your group

Cross Posting Helps to introduce your group

Use tags for your group

According to the Facebook group system, you can use 3 tags for your groups. Choose the best-fitted tags for your group. These tags are based on interest. It will help to suggest your Facebook groups to the targeted people.

Use tags for your groups

Use tags for your groups

Create a Cool graphics for your groups

It helps to recognize your Facebook group. These types of graphics can easily make by Photoshop. Don’t forget to include your Facebook page name, other social media URL and Website URL on the cover page.

Create A Cover Photo For Group

Create A Cover Photo For Group

Create different Virtual Events

Creating virtual events helps you to promote your groups. In this event, you will share something exclusive for your group members.

Creating Event Helps to increase engagements

Creating Event Helps to increase engagements

Don’t allow Spamming

People become get bored if spamming happens in your group. Don’t allow spamming in your group. Try to keep your group clean. Ban the Spammers.

Mentions the Active users name every Week

It will help to make your members become more active. There different online tools which help you to find out the active members.

Group Updates Help you Much

Group Updates Help you Much

Publish The Stories

Regular Publishing of different success stories helps your group for better engagements. Regular discussion and helping others will assist in gaining trust and reliability of your group.

Telling Stories Motivate the Users

Telling Stories Motivate the Users

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Thank you very much for reading the whole post. If you think anything can be added in this post or any opinion regarding this post please let me know.

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