Frequently Asked Question of Boxing Day 2016

I am here frequently asked questions of Boxing day. I have tried my best to answer all the questions. I think these will help you to find the relevant questions and knowledge about Boxing Day.

FAQ of Boxing Day 2016

Boxing Day is celebrated almost all the countries, especially by the Christians. As it, the origin of Boxing Day was from England. This is mostly celebrated in the Commonwealth Nations as well as some other countries.

In Europe, it was celebrated as St. Stephen’s Day. Somewhere it also got the second day of Christmas. In the UK it is bank Holiday. In the USA this is day is celebrated as a thanksgiving day .

Where has Boxing Day Sale?
Boxing Day is a popular holiday throughout the world. Most of the shops provide a special discount on the occasion of Boxing Day. Different online stores provide the discount coupon for the occasion of Boxing Day. You can get a discount from 20-80% for the occasion of Boxing Day. I have suggested some specific countries and stores of Boxing Day sale in the following answers.
Where did Boxing Day tsunami happen?
In the year of 2004, Boxing Day Tsunami happens. It started with the earthquake and it became the deadliest one. In Srilanka, India, Thailand, and Maldives and in the Indian subcontinent it affects more.
Where are Boxing Day sales, Sydney?
As Sydney is the famous city in Australia. Aussies are loved to shop in this day. Most of the retailers provide a special discount on this day. Even the big store Amazon also provides a special discount on this day. See the list of Boxing Day Sales in  Sydney .
Where did Boxing Day tsunami hit?
Boxing Day Tsunami hit in the Indian Subcontinent mostly. This was the severe Tsunami in the history. In this day more than 200000 peoples have died
Where Boxing Day come from?

The real history of Boxing Day is not found. According to the oxford dictionary, England started this around 1830. From an Ancient Diary, We found the reference that, about 1600 AD, The tradesmen collect their gift boxes after the day of Christmas.

Which stores open Boxing Day?

Every store will remain open until Boxing Day. They also provide the special discount offer. In online you will get also discount code.

Which states celebrate Boxing Day?

Boxing Day has celebrated almost all the countries. But it is mostly celebrated in the Commonwealth nations. See the list of Boxing Day celebrated countries.

Which Westfield opens Boxing Day?
Almost all the Westfield will remain open in Sydney and London
Which day is Boxing Day 2016?
26th December 2016, Monday is the Boxing Day of 2016. Here is the list of next 4 years of Boxing Day

Which country invented Boxing Day?

It is not sure. Appropriate history is not found. I have discussed here the origin of Boxing Day.

What is Boxing Day in London?

Boxing Day is celebrated almost around the world after the day of Christmas. It is 26th December. This day is banking holiday also.

What’s Boxing Day?

In comparison with the thanksgiving day, boxing day is a day the after Christmas. In this day masters provide a gift to their employees.

Who won Boxing Day test 2016?

A test match organizers in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. These matches are held on 26th December.

Who celebrates Boxing Day?

Almost Every Country of the world celebrates Boxing Day. As England started it, it is mostly celebrated in the England and its Colony, Members of the commonwealth. In Europe, it is also celebrated.

What is Boxing Day in Jamaica?

As Jamaica is in the USA that’s why the very first weekend day is after Christmas is the Boxing Day.

What is Boxing Day test in cricket?

It is international test cricket match .Australian Cricket Team always involves in this game. This game is played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. This game is held between any national team who visited in Melbourne. Every four years later, Ashes Series is arranged on this ground. This match is held on 26th December. That’s why it is called Boxing Day Cricket.

What Boxing Day mean?

Boxing day refers to a Day when Christmas gift is distributed.

When does Boxing Day End?

Boxing is celebrated on 26th December. It is a single day. Many countries of the world celebrate this day in the first weekday after Christmas.

When do Boxing Day sales start and End?
Boxing Day sales start from the first week of November and continue until Boxing Day.

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