Gazipur Picnic Spot List: Place to Visit Gazipur

Want to know about the picnic Spot list of Gazipur? Here, I have made the list of all picnic spot of Gazipur. Hope it will help to visit Gazipur.

Pushpadam Picnic Spot

Pushapadam is the name of the resort. This is one of the best places in Gazipur. the place is suitable for a shoot out the movies, family or occasional gathering. It is situated at Bagher Bazar in Jaydevpur,

During the entrance of the PushPadam, We have seen a grand restaurant. There you will get Indian, Chinese and Thai cousins. Almost 1000 people are allowed to book for food. Besides this car parking, large play ground, prayer halls are also available

Sabah Garden Picnic Spot, Gazipur

Sabah Garden Picnic spot is also situated at Sabah Garden in Bagher Bazar, Gazipur. It is another beautiful picnic spot near Dhaka. In touch with nature, fishing, enough security for the tourist facilities are available in this area.
Besides these, Children zone for playing, Big Conference Hall etc are also available.

Other tourist spot list in Gazipur

  • Sea Gul Picnic Spot
  • Shyamoli Picnic Spot
  • Jibonto Sorgo
  • Tepantar
  • Utshab Picnic Spot and Resort
  • Rangamati Waterfront Resort
  • Safipur Ansar Academy
  • National Garden
  • Salbon Picnic Spot
  • BCDM Picnic Spot

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