How to get auto sell from Teezily T-shirt Marketplace?

Previously I have talked about Teezily design secrets. Many questions I have found about Teezily auto sell secrets. That’s the reasons for the post.

I have carefully watched something in Teezily Marketplace. I have tried to manipulate the Teezily by different methods. At last, I have found some results.

I was looking for different question and answers. I am going to answer all the questions I have found

Is it really possible to get auto-sell from Teezily?

Answer: Yap, Just carefully observe the Teezily University Bangladesh Facebook group. Maximum screenshots of earning are from auto sell.

How is it possible?

Just think about a Shopping Center, Where thousands of people visit every moment. They are looking for a product. This center showcases the different products according to a category.

But there are thousands of products. A product draws the attention of a visitor. If he likes it, he may buy the products. It is auto sell.

Teezily is nothing but a marketplace. Thousands of visitors are visiting this site regularly. They are searching for t-shirts. If your T-shirt is on the first page and can draw the attention, he may buy the T-shirt.

How can I understand which topics visitor searching most?

This is the technical questions. It is not possible to answers directly. It should not mention. But I would like to tell you about my study process.

I have asked Antonio Teezily about this. I have some private questions and secrets about teezily. I have also asked Ananta some very tiny questions.

Teezly T shirt Niche Idea

Teezily T-shirt Niche Idea

I have asked Antonio about the top selling countries, about the top niche and many others.

The top selling countries are the USA, France, and Germany. Top selling niches are family, hobbies, jobs and pets.

Now you have targeted the country. Which are favorite topics of those niches? I have seen so many fashion shows, youtube videos, read about the specific occasions and ask some of the groups about the topics.

Numbers dont Lie

Numbers don’t Lie

The answers are real wow. 13 people answered this question. 7 people love to pet animal, 3 family, 2 jobs and remaining are others.

Then I have gone through about 80 profiles of Italian people. The main objective is to watch their fashions. I have selected them random selection. I have found that in Europe, 63% love to wear a t-shirt with different kinds of arts.

screenshot of profile

screenshot of the profile

Then I have seen the google trends. Find out the different history. You may call it an event. A Certain period of time, people love the certain dress. They become worthless after a time. They wear it on that occasion only.

Which niche I should select?

I have answered already this question. If you target auto sell you should select some popular niche. In the case of paid marketing the specific the better.

How to get a position in Teezily first page?

To find this answer, I have tried to manipulate Teezily. I have done 90 designs in Teezily. I am not whether sure successful or not. I am writing about this.

I have read the Teezily University Blog. I have found that they talked about Quality Design, sell, keyword match.

How Teezily Ranks according to Teezily

How Teezily Ranks according to Teezily

Source: Teezily Blog

To rank Url, title, the description must be set. Try to use your keyword in your URL, Title, and description. I have used my keyword in the first of the title, URL, and description.

Then I have manipulated it. Send direct visitors to my campaign. I have found the followings

  • keyword in title
  • keyword in URL
  • keyword in description
  • Some of the visitor may search in their local language. (setting url and description and title in local language bring positive result)
  • sending visitor from social media
  • Quality Design (Sometimes while uploading pictures Teezily shows not enough quality). It may be one of the ranking signals
  • Draw the attention


How to draw the attention?

It is quite easy. Visitor only looks your design nothing else. Make them eye catchy. I have set primary color different from others. It attracts the eye of the visitor. The last word is quality design; important messages can easily draw attention. Do trending design.

I think, I can make you understand that how Teezily ranks a t-shirt. What is the secret of Auto sell?

Still, have questions, use the comment box below to ask me. Cause a very silly question can make your change.

Simple Questions change mind

Simple Questions change mind

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    Ordinary Gentelman December 7, 2016 at 12:45 pm

    I just read out your whole Article. And Found lots of useful information about teezily. Actually I am new in this business but I already design 15 tees but did not find any sell yet. now I better understand what is my Problem. Actually I am walking on wrong way. can you write your case study?

  2. Reply
    Gequ Das December 16, 2016 at 5:17 pm

    How can I get my design in first page? pls tell in detail or reffer some website.

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