Grameen phone internet setting

Grameen phone internet setting is essential to use the internet from your mobile phone. If you don’t have proper internet setting you can’t use the internet. Gp provides the very easy system to setup your internet on your phone. I have discussed this in the post here. Here I have considered manual internet settings and auto internet setup manual.

GP internet for iPhone

To set up the internet in phone you have to browse following menus

Settings > General    > Network     > Cellular data network

Write apn:  gpinternet

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Grameen phone MMS settings for iPhone

Just follow the previous menu and write the followings

APN: gpmms 

MMS Proxy: N/A

Save the following image and keep it in your phone

gp internet for iPhone

gp Internet for iPhone

Grameenphone internet for iPad

From the main screen of iPad click “Setting Menu ” to enter the setting menu. Make your data (Celular Data menu) on. Then click on the APN setting. Write gpinternet in the APN name field. Make sure that you have left blank in the username and password field.

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Android internet settings

Travel the following menu to start browsing the internet

In Settings  > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks> Access Point Names

 Add a new APN:
Name: GP Internet
APN: gpinternet

To set up multimedia message service try the same menu and just add new apn as following images

APN named gpmms
Proxy: N/A
Type: MMS

Symbian and Windows Mobile settings

  1.  Go To: Menu
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click on Settings
  4. Go To Connection
  5. Click Destinations
  6. Select: Access Point
  7. Write: GP-INTERNET (Must be in capital letter)
  8. Select: Internet
  9. Input: gpinternet as Access Point Name

Leave other Field Blank

Follow the instruction in the pictures. It will help you to set up correctly.

Grameenphone-Symbian--internet setting

Grameenphone-Symbian–internet setting

Auto Internet Settings

Grameenphone also provides auto internet settings.

SMS: Write ‘All’ and send to 8080,

USSD: Dial *500*50#, Hotline: Call 121

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