A Guide On How To Choose The Best Women Lingerie

Women lingerie was discovered in the late nineteenth century as a way to free women from the confined and unattractive undergarments that were prevalent at that time. Since then, lingerie has evolved to the modern garment types that are made with fabrics of high quality and various designs. This increase has made it quite difficult for many women to choose the best lingerie that suits their body type and size.

The comfort of women lingerie depends on how well it fits. The perfect underwear will exude confidence in a woman. We understand that not all people are familiar with lingerie or how to find the best ones for your body, but have no fear- that’s where we come in! If you need some guidance, read through the following tips about how to have a successful lingerie buying experience;

1. Relax

Any new experience comes with a lot of uncertainties, and it can be a tad nerve cracking. You should try and take your time, experiment with various lingerie styles so that you can get the one that best fits you.

2. Deal with professionals

If you are looking for a women’s lingerie that will give you service for a long time, then we would recommend you to have a specific store where you get all the variety you need. Get a store that has employees who are dedicated to making your lingerie buying experience worthwhile.

3. Confidence is critical when shopping for lingerie

Lingerie is all about confidence. Keep on trying different pieces until you get one that will make you feel comfortable. Sift through the various options available and get the best.

4. Look for the top-quality materials

Women lingerie is worn close to the body hence you need to go for the pieces that are of high standards so that you can avoid complications. Cotton is best preferred since other materials may cause skin irritation. Nylon particularly is not recommended.

5. Have a friend

Having a trusted friend can make your shopping experience easier. Have someone to give you their honest opinion on the various lingerie styles you will choose. In case your nerves are wrecking, then having someone to calm you down would be the best idea.

Perhaps you are there as a man, and you would like to present your wife with lingerie. If I told you that the process of shopping for women lingerie was an easy thing I would be lying. But worry not, I got you, below I will give you a guide that you can use when getting your special lady the perfect lingerie;

Best Women Lingerie

1. Know the size

Yes, gentlemen, size is key. Know whether your woman has a small, medium or large cup size. To increase your chances of getting the perfect size of your woman’s lingerie, you can have a sneak peek at what she already has and then work your way from that. The body type is also something to take into account. Get something that will make her feel confident about herself. Do not get something that will overemphasize on her flaws and insecurities. It would be a disservice!

2. Know what brand to look for

Just like other clothing types, we have a variety of brand options that you can choose from when buying that lingerie.

Here are some of the most common ones;

Sass and Bide: This is a brand that will not put you in much debt yet they offer classic styles.

La Perla: This brand offers detailed lingerie pieces, but unlike the latter, this will make your credit card mourn.

L’Agent by Agent Provocateur: This is known to produce the most beautiful lingerie types. On the brighter side, this brand has less expensive lingerie for the middle class.

You should thus look for the brand that matches your financial capabilities. Nobody wants to spend a fortune on buying lingerie.

3. Do some research

This is vital if you want your gift to have an impact on your lady. Pay close attention to some of the lingerie that she owns. What lingerie colors does she prefer? Are her bras laced or are they simple? Crotchless? What styles does she prefer? If you answer all these questions with surety, then you can go ahead and buy your special lady lingerie.

4. Familiarize yourself with the technical terms

The women lingerie world is filled with a lot of vocabulary and phrases that might confuse you since you’ve never heard of them before. Let’s delve into some of the key terms you need to be aware of;

Teddy: This is a tight one-piece that comes in varieties, either high cut legs or a thong back.

Underwire: Just as the name suggests, this is a small wire that is beneath the bra cups. It is a must-have for any lady that wants to show off her cleavage.

Babydoll: This is a sexy piece of women lingerie wear that comes with panties that match.

Soft Cup: This is a bra that offers light support. This is best suited for breasts that are firmer. Know what your lady prefers when getting her lingerie.

You might be wondering why as a lady you should put too much work when shopping for lingerie. Some proven benefits are associated with lingerie:

1. Lingerie will make you feel attractive the whole day; It will give you an aura of beauty that will result from the inner confidence you feel.

2. It’s fun shopping for lingerie; Girls love beautiful things and lingerie match that perfectly hence it is a fun activity to engage in.

3. A glance of sexy lingerie can drive men wild; If you are feeling like showing off some skin, then a perfect lingerie will do just that. It is an excellent substitute for showing a lot of cleavage or legs.

4. Clothes will fit better with the right lingerie; You will avoid visible lines on your clothes caused by the inner wear.

5. Lingerie will make your relationship more interesting; Baggy pajamas are warm, but they are not the best.

Lingerie makes you like a lady more attractive to your partner

The perfect women’s lingerie is a must have for any lady out there. Careful thought should be put when shopping for this delicate piece of wear. The above tips are paramount when it comes to buying lingerie either for yourself as a lady or getting it for someone special.

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