How to beat these 3 common web designing fears?

I acknowledge, many of you want to be a Web designer and Developer. If you are afraid of Web designing, this article will surely help you. I am going to write about three common web design fears.

Good at Math , Good at Web design

There is a proverb that ,

If you think math is hard, Try Web Desing

You have probably heard that, to become a good web designer and developer you should good at math. The thought is not 100% wrong. Good knowledge of mathematics helps you to do some complex mathematical solutions. But it is not the primary qualifications to become the web designer.

I know many web designer and developer who are not good at math. Some of them don’t have the proper educational background too.

You may ask now, what kind of Math is essential for the Web designer? Before answering this question, let’s have a discussion about the relationship of math and web design.

While creating web template you have to know about the ratio of the internet page e.g. height, width, etc. Allocations of different elements like sidebar, header, footer, content width, etc. are crucial. Not only these but also you have to acknowledge about ad size, ad position, etc.

Surely you have passed the Primary school

I think you have already realized what I am going to say. Distributing proper space is not a hard task. You know addition, multiplication, subscription rules. You know the general system of Mathematical proportion. You have learned it in primary schools.

I am too much lazy because I have 960 Grid systems …….

You will astonish to hear that; several grid systems are available on online which provide you everything readymade. One of the famous grid systems is 960 grid systems. It helps you to assign the elements according to the proper ratio.

While I have attended the seminar of ITSHIKKHA, Jhankar Mahabub Said that he is not good at Mathematics, he has little knowledge about Discreet Math, Algorithm, etc. But he works at Neilson of USA as a Senior, Web developer.

Web Designers need to Memorize Code

Web design Code Memorizing Fun

Web Design Code Memorising Fun

Web design!!! I have to memorize the toughest code. My memorizing power is too little. I can’t do it. Do you ever remember the Quotes of Albert Einstein?

Never memorize something that you can look up.

Now in this online era, you can search for anything from Google. Just enter your query in Google search box, Hit Enter. That’s enough. Google will provide the answers. You don’t need to memorize anything. Google will help you.

Don’t have enough Money to enroll Web Design Course

[adinserter name=”Block 1″] Some of the Guys think that, s/he doesn’t have enough money to join courses. I need to buy software to start web design.

You are foolish. Why you have to do paid courses. Your web browser is enough. Visit Youtube. There are numerous tutorials available. There are many sites where you can learn web design free. Here I have provided some list for you.

  • W3Schools :
  • Learn Layout :
  • Code School :
  • Dash General Assembly :
  • Channel 9 Web Development:
  • Aquent Gymnasium :
  • Alison’s Web Development :
  • Webmaking 101 :
  • Code Avengers

Do have any other fears about Web design. Please let me know through comments. I am waiting to hear from you.

This is my personal Blog . I love to play with Web. Blogging, Web design, Learning, travelling and helping others are my passion.This blog is the place where I write anything whatever come in my mind. You can call it My Personal Diary. This blog is my partner of My Endless Journey

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    Tiffany Whiteside August 19, 2016 at 6:18 am

    Hi Abdul,

    LOL… Now I know why its hard to create web design it because I am not good in math.
    HAHAHA…. But I guess I can work out this.

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