How to make money on Fiverr : Case Study 350 USD within 60 Day

As you are reading this post, I am certain that you are familiar with greatest freelancing marketplace Fiverr. Here, I will discuss, How to make money on Fiverr. I am going to introduce a Newbie guy who makes money 360 USD from Fiverr within 60 Days.
In this post, you will get

  • How easy to make money on Fiverr?
  • What is needed to start on Fiverr?
  • Steps to follow to get the first sell on Fiverr
  • Some recommendations &
  • Get Motivation to focus your work

Case Study Of Fiverr

If you are struggling to make your first money through Fiverr, This Case study will help you very much. Credits go to Md Apu Raj, A newbie Guy who revealed this secret.

Introducing Md Apu Raj

Md Apu Raj is 18 Years old young man from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He was looking for making money through online. But he doesn’t have enough skills to start making money. This post reveals how he makes money through Fiverr with his little knowledge of SEO. He shares his experiences about his first earning.

How I have started

Start Your Journey

Start Your Journey

After I had appeared SSC examination (Secondary School Certificate ), I was looking for the passive income and want to utilize my times. I have heard about the online income, but I don’t know anything how to do that. I am looking for the ways to earn money. I have joined many groups of Facebook, talk with seniors to help me.

A Group namely Online Outsourcing School Bangladesh suggests me to start SEO. I have search in Google what is SEO, How to start SEO, SEO tutorials, etc. But I fail to start for a proper guideline. A senior member, & my elder brother (Sajib Bro), provides some suggestions to start. I began to learn blog commenting and back link making strategy

After a few days, I have found that Edu backlink has a demand on different marketplaces. I have collected 100 Edu Backlinks site from my elder brother. I have made a gig in Fiverr. It is mentionable that, all the backlink sites are auto approved.

What kind of Fiverr Gig I made?

Fiver Gig and Make Money

Fiver Gig and Make Money

I think you have some ideas about Fiverr. I will provide 60 EDU Backlink for 5 USD. That is the actual Gig title I have done at that moment. I have watched carefully others gig titles and their descriptions. Then I have fulfilled my Fiverr profile.

How I got my first sell?

I passed most of the time in Fiverr. I Send Buyer requests to buy my gig. Within a week, one of the buyers knocks me and dream moment become real. I have got the first sell on Fiverr. After that, my enthusiasm grew almost double. I have got new works, then another, then another….

I became the level one Seller

After successful delivery of my works, I become the level one seller within a month. I can’t express the feelings of my first income. It was my dream moment at that time.

How much I have earned from Fiverr.

I have made more than 350 USD from Fiverr. I am very much new in the freelancing field. Here is the screenshot of Fiverr.

Earn From Fiverr

Earn From Fiverr

All of the workflows of my first earning

  • Heard about Freelancing after my final exam of SSC
  • Start to learn
  • Join different Facebook Community
  • Knocks my Elder for help
  • Observe the others works
  • Start Learning
  • Create first gig on Fiverr
  • Complete the Fiverr profile
  • Pass a lot of time in a day for sending buyer request
  • Get the first job
  • Become level one on Fiverr within a Month

That is my Story about Fiverr as well as my First earning from online. By following this the way how I have made 340 USD from Fiverr.

Recommendations for those who are going to start

  • Be honest. Don’t make a gig what you can’t do
  • Keep trust on yourself
  • Practice and Practice

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