International Nurses Day 2017: Celebration of Nurses Week

Like Other years, International Nurses Day 2017 will be celebrated on May 12, 2017.International Council of Nurses celebrates this day with the memories of the founder of Modern Nursing, Florence Nightingale. It was her Birthday anniversary.
Contribution and importance of nurses and nursing profession around the world cannot be neglected. International Nurses day celebration reminds the importance of nurses.

History of National Nurses Day

Nurse’s day was celebrated from 1965. From the very beginning of the journey of international nurse’s council, it was not pleasant at all. In the year of 1953, Dorothy Sutherland proposed this day. But at that time President didn’t approve this day. In the year of 1965 INC (International Nurses Council) started to observe this day on May 12. In 1974 this day officially gets recognition. From them, the day is celebrated throughout the world.

Why Nurses Day is Important?

Serving the humanity is one of the great professions. Nurses are doing this. I am not going to overemphasize the profession but for the mankind, nurses are playing an important role in the society.
Public awareness to raise the health care system, the nursing profession is being raised by the celebration of International Nurses day. As they are the backbone of healthcare system, the people throughout the world are acknowledged about national Nurses day

How National Nurses day is celebrated?

There is a proverb that, “Great mind thinks alike”
In this day INC provides different gift box, posters and many other things for the occasion of National Nurses Day.

  • Different poster Banner are designed
  • Festoon, Play cards are provided
  • Different speakers deliver their speeches on the occasion of Nurses day
  • Nurses Gift kits are distributed

International Nurses Day 2017 theme

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