Islam in Bangladesh: History, Fact & Culture

The majority of the people follow Islam in Bangladesh as their religion. According to the survey above 90 percent of the total population of Bangladesh are Muslim which is about 146.7 million. Due to the majority in number, Bangladeshi religion, family culture, traditions, foods etc. are greatly influenced by Islam and Muslim.

Bangladesh Religion

As I have described earlier, Most of the people are Muslim. There are also other religions in Bangladesh. After Muslims, the second largest proportion of the people follows Hinduism which covers almost 8 percent of the total Population. Then there are the small number of people from Buddhism, Christianism. There are a very few number of people who don’t follow any religion. It is the fourth highest Muslims populated country in the world. The first three are Indonesia, Pakistan, and India

Bangladesh Religion History of Islam

The exact history of Islam in Bangladesh is not found. But it is confirmed that, before the pre-Islamic period of time, Traders used the port of Bangladesh. By this way, Arabian Traders uses the port of Bay of Bengal. At that time, people become convinced with the beauty of Islam. The Arabian traders convinced the people of Bangladesh and spread the Islam in Bangladesh.

A King from Tamil Nadu Named Cheumol spreads Islam during the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) embraced the Islam. During the lifetime of Prophet (PUBH), different Sahabi came to Bangladesh for tradings. By this way, people of Bangladesh came to know about the Islam. Though Islam fully grew rapidly after the 6th century.

There is some small evidence which helped to spread Islam rapidly. Bakhtyaruddin Muhammad Khalji conquered the Bengal in 1204.After that Muslim started to rule the Bangladesh which helped to grow up the Muslim community.

Different Islamic saints e.g. Hadhrat Bayezid Bustami (PUBH), Shah Jalal (PUBH) had come to Bangladesh. They helped to promote the religion of Islam rapidly. After the death of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), different Sahabi came to Bangladesh and promote Islam. During the reign of the great Mughal, Islam became popular and Islamic culture became the integrated part of Bangladesh.

According to the constitution of Bangladesh, Bangladesh has founded on Nationalism, Socialism, Democracy, and Secularism. Secularism was removed from constitution during the fifth amendment. In the year of 2010, it brought back again.

So, according to the constitution, Bangladesh is a secular country but according to the population of the country, Bangladesh is an Islamic country.

It is a matter of happiness to all Bangladeshi that, there is no collision between other religion and Muslims. People of different religion live peacefully here.

Bangladeshi Culture and Islam

As the majority of the population of Bangladesh follows Islam as their religion, so Islam has the large impact on the Bangladeshi Culture. From the dress to food, Celebration to observance every major program is based on Bangladeshi Cultures.

More than 600 millions Muslims live in South Asio. One fourth of the portion is from Bangladesh.The rapid growth of Islam has seen during the recent year. Islam in Bangladesh is the part and parcel of the country.

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