Kuakata Sea Beach National Park of Bangladesh

If anyone wants to visualize the sunset and sunrise from one place, s/he has to visit Kuakata. Kuakata is a natural 18 kilometers long panoramic beach of Bangladesh. It is also a great tourist attraction of Bangladesh. Kuakata is situated at the southernmost tip of Bangladesh and about 350 km away from the capital of Bangladesh.It is known as “Daughter of Sea.”

Geographical Description of Kuakata

Kuakata is at Latachapli union in Kalapara, Patuakhali which around 350 Km away from the capital Dhaka and 108 km away from the district of Barisal Division. The coordinate of Kuakata is 21°49′16″N 90°07′11″E

History of Kuakata

History of Kuakata refers the migration of Arakan’s into Bengal. Kuakata (Is a Bengali Word) comes from Kua which means “Well or Ponds.” Arakan started living in Kuakata around the 18th century. Due to the inadequacy of drinking water, Arakan dug so many wells or ponds in Kuakata. At that time it was named as Kuakata.

Kuakata sea beaches Bangladesh Travel Guide

Kuakata is one of the famous sea beaches of Bangladesh. Every year thousands of thousands of tourist from different districts of Bangladesh as well as from abroad visit Kuakata. Charming beauty of Kuakata, Sunrise scene, and sunset view and overall nature hypnotize the tourist mind.

Kuakata tour

If you want to visit Kuakata, this article will help you as the tourist guide. Here I am going to describe how to visit, different bus services from Dhaka, Accommodation facilities of Kuakata and Map of Kuakata Bangladesh.

Kuakata Bangladesh Map

It is positioned at the 21°48′55.98″ north latitude and 90°07′18.62″ east longitude. This area located at the Latachapli union in Kalapara Thana, Patuakhali district in Barishal division.

Kuakata Bangladesh Map from Google

Kuakata Bangladesh Map from Google

What to see

In Kuakata there are many things which will charm your mind. Near Kuakata Sea Beach there is a Buddhist temple. Beside this temple A Kua is viewed, it is said that Kuakata is named after this pond.

Near the Buddhist temple, Rakhain market is situated. There is a giant Buddha statue in Misri Para which is about 6 km far from the Kuakata Sea Beach. This statue is about 30 feet in height. You can also make a small journey in the sea.Small parts of Sundarban is seen from Kuakata

Kuakata is famous for sunrise and sunset scene. If you miss it, you have regret.

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