Lawachara National Park Maulvi Bazar Sylhet

Lawachara National Park is in the northeastern part of Bangladesh. It grabs small area in the district of Kamal Ganj Upzilla Maulvi Bazar District. In the year of 1996, Government people of Bangladesh declare Lawachara as a National Park of Bangladesh according to wildlife act 1974. This Bangladesh park is famous for its natural beauty with tropical and semi-tropical forest. It became more known to all while “Around the World in 80 days.”  movie shoots here.

Lawachara National Park Map & Geographical Description

Lawachara is declared as a  national park of Bangladesh in 1996. It is located in Kamalganj Upozila Maulvi Bazar District. Lawachara. This reserve forest discovers between   24°19′11″N to 91°47′1″E which covers 12.50 Hectors area.  Mainly different small and medium types of hill cover this area. Various types of Wildlife and birds are seen here.Rate  Hoolock are viewed in this area.

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History of Lawachara

In the year of 1925 British Government ran a tree plantation program. In the course of time, those trees become grow up and create this forest. Very first time, this forest acquire 2740 square kilometres area at that point it was known as Van Gach(tree) Reserve forest. In 1996 Government people of Bangladesh announced it a National Park. Due to deforestation, unplanned urbanisation and fast-growing people this area become shorter.

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Travel Guide to Lawachara Forest

While visiting Lawachara, Some information should keep in mind. The entry pass of this forest is 20 Taka for adults and 10 Taka for Children. Foreign visitor’s Ticket is 5 USD, and there has the facility to park your vehicles which will cost you near 25-50 taka.

Try not to wear the colorful dress, keep calm if you want to see a wild life. Don’t pollute the environment by throwing your waste water bottle, Chips packet and other wastage.

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How to go Lawachara National Park

If you want to Lawachara, you have to visit Srimangal First. From Srimangal you can easily visit Lawachara by private car, Auto Rickshaw or Jeep.

From Dhaka, several Bus service like Hanif, Shayamoli, Sylhet Express leave to Sylhet. Total cost is between 300 to 400 BDT.

If you prefer the train, from Dhaka every day except Tuesday Parbat Express at 6.40, Joyontika Express at 14.00 and Upobon Express at 22.00 leave Dhaka to Srimangal, resortSylhet. It takes about 4 to 5 Hours to reach Srimangal.

If you go from Chittagong, you can prefer Pahadika Express and Udoyon Express. It costs from 230 to 600 BDT.

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Lawachara forest and Resort

Near the National Park different hotels and resorts are available.

Lemon Garden situated near the park which cost about 2000 (Two thousand Taka) to 4000 (Four thousand taka). Contact no : 01763444000, 01759771432

Sultan Golf Resort which is about five Star Quality and many others hotels are resorts there. In Srimangal there are many resorts namely forest resorts, T-town rest house, College Plaza, etc. In short, you will not face any problem to stay there. Cost ranges from 1000 to 5000 taka.

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Tourist Attraction

Lawachara is a forest of beauty. Different wildlife is available there. In Lawachara there are 450 Species of Plants. 6 species of Reptiles., 240 species of Birds and 20 species of Mammal available.
Different types of Monkeys, Foxes, Wild dogs, Bear, Barking Dear, Snacks surely make you mind joyful. During the rainy season, you should alert about Leech. If possible take the help of the local guide.

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Hollywood Movie Shoots in Lawachara

By the story of Famous science fiction “Around the World in 80 days” of  Julivern, A Hollywood film was made. Almost 144 places of 13 countries are chosen for the shooting of this movie. A part of this film is taken in this forest Forest railway line. After being released from this movie this area is introduced around the world.

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Best time to visit

Anyone can visit Lawachara National Park Sylhet any time of the year. But the best time for visiting is October to March.

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