List of Colleges in Dhaka District

There are numerous colleges in Dhaka. I have made this list according to than a.Alphabetical order is maintained to make this list. To make the all college list of Dhaka I have taken help from the Education Board’s Official Website, xi Admission Website and Many other online portal and Sites like Wikipedia. I think this will help you to find the right college.

Serial No College Name EIIN Number Thana
1 Dhaka Imperial College 107974 Badda Thana
2 Gulshan Commerce College 131904 Badda Thana
3 Harvard International College 134620 Badda Thana
4 Mohammedbag Adorsho College 134228 Badda Thana
5 Monpura College 136858 Badda Thana
6 National College 131945 Badda Thana
7 Queen Mary College 134219 Badda Thana
8 Rotnogorva Farida Zaman College 136913 Badda Thana
9 Satarkul School And College 108021 Badda Thana
10 Udayan Ideal College 136285 Badda Thana
11 Adamjee Cantonment College 107855 Cantonment Thana
12 B. A. F. Shaheen College (Kurmitola) 107859 Cantonment Thana
13 B. N. College, Dhaka Cantt. 107854 Cantonment Thana
14 Balughat High School And College 107860 Cantonment Thana
15 Bangladesh International School And College 133937 Cantonment Thana
16 Combined Commerce College 136319 Cantonment Thana
17 Dhaka Cant. Girls Public School And College 132090 Cantonment Thana
18 Shaheed Bir Uttam Lt Anwar Girls College 132143 Cantonment Thana
19 Shaheed Ramiz Uddin Cantonment College 107857 Cantonment Thana
20 Dhaka Central College 136315 Dakshinkhan
21 Jatir Janak Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Govt. College 136579 Dakshinkhan
22 KC Model College 137368 Dakshinkhan
23 Milestone College Uttara 136844 Dakshinkhan
24 A. K. High School And College, Dania 108481 Demra
25 Barnamala Uchcha Madhyamik Bidyalaya 107914 Demra
26 Demra College 107908 Demra
27 Demra Ideal College 137604 Demra
28 Dhaka Chartered Commerce College 137057 Demra
29 Dogair Darussunnat Fazil Madrasa 107899 Demra
30 Dr. Mahbubur Rahman Mollah College 133965 Demra
31 Golam Mostafa Model College 134683 Demra
32 Ideal Laboratory College 131457 Demra
33 Mannan High School And College 107886 Demra
34 Matuail Haji Abdul Latif Bhuiyan College 107911 Demra
35 R. K. Chowdhury College 107910 Demra
36 Rafiqul Islam College 137075 Demra
37 Rokeya Ahsan College 107912 Demra
38 Rongmala Akbar Mohila College 107913 Demra
39 Shahid Zia Girls School And College, Jatrabari 107916 Demra
40 Shamsul Hoque Khan School And College 107915 Demra
41 Sharulia Ideal Girls College 134213 Demra
42 Shaympur Model School And College 132066 Demra
43 Afazuddin School And College 107959 Dhamrai
44 Bhalum Ataur Rahman Khan College 107955 Dhamrai
45 Dhamrai Hardinge High School And College 107919 Dhamrai
46 Govt. Dhamrai College 107953 Dhamrai
47 Nabajug College 107954 Dhamrai
48 Rajapur Begum Anowara Girls College 136304 Dhamrai

Dhanmondi Thana

    1. Bci College

EIIN No:132169

    1. Bir Shreshtha Munshi Abdur Rouf Public College

EIIN No:108162

    1. Chartered College

EIIN No:135219 College Of

    1. Development Alternative (Coda)

EIIN No:134168

    1. Daffodil International College

EIIN No:134564

    1. Dhaka City College

EIIN No:107975

    1. Dhaka College

EIIN No:107977

    1. Dhaka Megacity College

EIIN No:134389

    1. Dhaka Mohila College

EIIN No:107980

    1. Dhaka Presidency College

EIIN No:107979

    1. Dhaka Public College

EIIN No:133847

    1. Dhaka Public School And College

EIIN No:133712

    1. Dr. Maleka College

EIIN No:107972

    1. Government Laboratory High School

EIIN No:107962

    1. Hamdard Public College

EIIN No:134209

    1. Holy Flower Model College

EIIN No:134605

    1. Ideal College

EIIN No:107971

    1. Just International College

EIIN No:134584

    1. Kakoli High School And College

EIIN No:107963


    1. Begum Ayesha Pilot Girl S High School And College

EIIN No:107994

    1. Joypara College

EIIN No:108010

    1. Malikanda Meghula School And College

EIIN No:108011

    1. Padma College

EIIN No:108009

Gulshan Thana

    1. A. K. M. Rahmatullah College

EIIN No:108031

    1. Badda Alatunnessa Uchcha Madhyamic Bidhyalaya

EIIN No:107841

    1. Banani Bidyaniketan School And College

EIIN No:108016

    1. Bims College

EIIN No:135887

    1. Cambrian College

EIIN No:132140

    1. Crown Business Studies College

EIIN No:134566

    1. Dhaka Peace College

EIIN No:137587

    1. Glasgow Commerce College

EIIN No:136932

    1. Govt. Kalachandpur Uchcha Madyamic Bidyalaya

EIIN No:108038

    1. Gulshan College

EIIN No:108032

    1. Gulshan Model Uccha Maddhyamik Biddalya

EIIN No:108037

    1. Gulshan Public College

EIIN No:136873

    1. I. P. H. School And College

EIIN No:108023

    1. King S College

EIIN No:131218

    1. Mahanagar College

EIIN No:108033

    1. Martin Luther College

EIIN No:134239

    1. Rampura Ekramunnesa College

EIIN No:108034

    1. Residential Laboratory College

EIIN No:133736

    1. South Point College

EIIN No:108040

Hazaribagh Thana

    1. Begum Sheikh Fazilatun Nessa Mujib Govt. College

EIIN No:136260


    1. Ccer Model College

EIIN No:136276

    1. Dania College

EIIN No:107909

    1. Jatrabari Ideal High School And College

EIIN No:107877

    1. Karatitola C. M. S. Memorial High School And College

EIIN No:108501

    1. Metropolitan College, Dhaka

EIIN No:134265

    1. Salah Uddin Ahmed Adarsha School And College

EIIN No:107863

Kadamtali Thana

    1. Sampur Bahumukhi High School And College

EIIN No:108473

Kafrul Thana

    1. Glory College

EIIN No:134578

    1. Vashantek Govt. College

EIIN No:136841

Kamrangirchar Thana

    1. Haji Abdul Awal College

EIIN No:108057


    1. Ati Bhawal Uchcha Madhamik Bidyalaya

EIIN No:108085

    1. Baghapur Uccha Madyamic Biddalaya

EIIN No:108120

    1. Borishur Anchalic Uchcha Madyamic Bidyalaya

EIIN No:108119

    1. Doleshwar Abdul Mannan Adarsha Mahabidyalaya

EIIN No:108112

    1. Kalatia College

EIIN No:108115

    1. Keraniganj Girls School And College

EIIN No:108121

    1. Keraniganj Mohila College

EIIN No:108117

    1. Keranigonj Residential College

EIIN No:130773

    1. Nayabazar College

EIIN No:108113

    1. Nutan Bakter Char School And College

EIIN No:108074

    1. Rajabari School And College

EIIN No:108098

    1. Ramerkanda Ispahani College

EIIN No:108116

    1. Shahid President Ziaur Rahman College

EIIN No:108114

    1. Southern City College

EIIN No:136262

    1. Zinzira P. M. Pilot Higher Secondary School

EIIN No:108118

Khilgaon Thana

    1. Ali Ahmed School And College

EIIN No:108375

    1. Bangladesh Commerce College

EIIN No:131901

    1. Bangladesh Ideal College

EIIN No:134601

    1. City Model College

EIIN No:134462

    1. Dakhin Bansree Model High School And College

EIIN No:108379

    1. Dhaka Eastern College

EIIN No:132096

    1. Dhaka Ideal College

EIIN No:131634

    1. E.Haque College

EIIN No:135190

    1. Future Commerce College

EIIN No:133975

    1. Khilgaon Girls School And College

EIIN No:108387

    1. Khilgaon Govt. Colony Higher Secondary School

EIIN No:108061

    1. Khilgaon Govt. High School

EIIN No:108376

    1. Khilgaon Ideal College

EIIN No:132008

    1. Khilgaon Model College

EIIN No:108385

    1. Liberty College

EIIN No:136865

    1. National Girls College

EIIN No:136306

    1. National Ideal College

EIIN No:132078

    1. Oxfordian Laboratory College

EIIN No:136862

    1. Peaceful College

EIIN No:136877

    1. Quality Education College

EIIN No:134172

    1. Rajdhani Ideal College

EIIN No:134255

    1. Sovereign College

EIIN No:135278


    1. Amirjan College

EIIN No:135270

    1. Kurmitola High School And College

EIIN No:107823

Dhaka Kotwali Thana

    1. Ahmed Bawani Academy (Mohila College)

EIIN No:108139

    1. East Bengal Institution

EIIN No:108494

    1. Moniza Rahman Girls School And College

EIIN No:108498

    1. Salimullah College

EIIN No:108510

Lalbagh Thana

    1. Agrani Girls School And College

EIIN No:108164

    1. Anwara Begum Muslim Girls School And College

EIIN No:108138

    1. Azimpur Govt. Girls School And College

EIIN No:108163

    1. Begum Badrunnessa Govt. Girls College

EIIN No:108155

    1. Birshreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College

EIIN No:108161

    1. Haji Salim Degree College

EIIN No:108156

    1. Home Economics College

EIIN No:108158

    1. Islambagh Ideal College

EIIN No:134596

    1. Lalbagh Model School And College

EIIN No:132081

    1. Nabakumar Institution And Dr. Shahidullah College

EIIN No:108154

    1. Nuton Paltan Line Uccha Madhyamic Bidyalaya

EIIN No:108166

    1. Rayhan College

EIIN No:130642

    1. Safir Ideal College

EIIN No:137786

    1. Saleha Uchcha Madhyamik Bidyalaya

EIIN No:108165

    1. Sheikh Borhanuddin College

EIIN No:108137

Further list updated soon

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