Do you make these common WordPress mistakes?

WordPress is the most familiar content management system in the world. According to the survey of w3techs about 58.6% websites are made of WordPress. Easy use, available themes and plugins , a strong community is the main reasons of using WordPress. But most of the new users as well as sometimes make the following common mistakes while using WordPress.

In this post, I am going to share some common mistakes of using WordPress. Hopefully, after reading this post you can avoid the common mistakes

Forget about Change Database Prefix

It is one of the most common mistakes done by the users. While installing WordPress most of the users use database prefix “wp”. It may affect your website security. If you still don’t it change your prefix database now. You can use change DB Prefix plugin to change the database prefix.

Wordpress Database Prefix

WordPress Database Prefix

Using default username “Admin”

Using WordPress username admin is the reason of brute force attack. They may ruin your website. Some of the people use website name as username. It shouldn’t do. Change your website name or “Admin” WordPress username. Include digit and white space in your website username

User Name Should not be admin

User Name Should not be admin

Pro Tips: Make username “admin” as a subscriber. These will make fool to others.

Default Tagline “Just another WordPress Site”

Most of the users start writing in their blog but forget to remove the default tagline. Your blog tagline introduces about your website. I have seen it many educational websites even some authority site also.
To remove the default tagline, log in your WordPress Dashboard. Go to settings option and then General. You will see the tagline options there like following pictures

Wordpress Default Tagline

WordPress Default Tagline

Or you can simply visit “your-site-name/wp-admin/options-general.php”.

Default Permalink Structures

Wordpress Permalink Structure

WordPress Permalink Structure

After completing the design some of the users forget to change the default Permalink.These are the very silly mistakes the blogger does. If you don’t do it yet, change it now. To change the visit Permalink Sections.

WordPress offers default permalink structure like following

It is not SEO friendly. See this post structures.

You may see Seo Friendly Structures

Keeping “Sample Page”

A common mistake for the newbie’s and WordPress user does. They forget to delete the sample page. WordPress creates a sample page by default. If your search in Google page you will find numerous blog have forgotten to delete the sample page.
Delete your sample page from your blog.

Using theme and Plugin from unreliable source

It happens for the newbies. When they get some premium theme or plugins which are cracked by someone, they rush for it. After someday, their site has been hacked or ruined.

Don’t use crack theme or theme from unreliable sources. In maximum cases, they are affected by malware. Use theme or plugin from reliable sources. Themeforest and WordPress directory are the best places to me.

Fears to Update WordPress

Some people avoid WordPress updates. They think their database will lose. Their site design will create a problem. WordPress updates their CMS regularly. They fix different kinds of bugs. If they find out any security bug, they update it quickly. If you don’t update your site regularly your site are in security risk.

Using Default Favicon

Favicon of a site bears its identity and amplify the brand values. When A user bookmarks a site it shows favicon. There for favicon should be changed for establishing your brand value.

Wikipedia Favicon

Favicon signifies its brand value

Using Uncompressed images

Most the newbie use raw images on the WordPress site. Raw images are big in size. It is not perfect for the website. These increase the web page size. Every user should use images which are optimized for the website.

Open Your Adobe PhotoShop Software —> Save for The Web


Forget to Enable Caching

If your website loads slowly you will lose your potential customers. Cache plugin helps you to loads faster. Several cache plugins are available in WordPress directory. Among them, I prefer w3 Cache, Super Cache, Fast Cache , and Wp rocket are the best plugins among them


These are the common mistakes of newbie WordPress users. Would you think , other common mistakes should be added to this list. Please let me know about that. Share it with your community.


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    Kazi Abir November 16, 2016 at 4:07 pm

    Helpful article……. for newbie. 🙂

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      Abdul Aouwal November 16, 2016 at 5:16 pm

      Thank you Abir Bro … If you think anything needed please let me know

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