How To Measure Car Speakers

A very warm welcome to all of my viewers. Today, I am going to share an important factor of car speakers. Moreover, you can also consider this factor as a must-do activity while buying any vehicle speakers. That is the size or the measurement of your sound speakers.

Though, you might have given less priority about the size of the speakers as you know all the speakers’ manufacturers are already selling their size adjustable products. But, do you know, you are the only one who can hook up the best speakers for your stereo system? So, I would like to suggest you about how to measure car speakers perfectly by yourself.

On the other way, you can also consider this as an instruction about get to know more about car speaker’s dimension. So, without delay let us go into the topic:

Do self-preparation:

  • So, the first thing you have to do is, select a perfect space. Here, keep in mind the speaker should fit into space. You can take the speaker measurement as well as the location measurement. Usually, we set-up the speaker in the door panel or the back or front rear.
  • Secondly, you have to make a hole where do you want to place the speakers. While making the hole or space, make sure you make either recessed hole or single hole. If your speaker has recessed diameter (consist of two layers, one layer inside called baffle cutout layer and one layer outside layer), then you make a recessed hole. Else, you can make a normal hole to set-up the speakers.
  • The third work is, you have ensured the shapes or outlines of the speakers. Here you will get lots and lots of variety like round, square, rectangular, polymer shapes. So, just be sure which form of the speaker will be suitable for your car and buy accordingly. Primarily, round shapes are adjustable to every car.

Car speakers measuring guide:
After completing above all pre preparation, now you can buy your favorite branded speakers. While purchasing you may need to check some other elements.

How To Measure Car Speakers

The magnet of the speaker:
Please check magnet power and height. You can see this at the back side of the speaker with ohm specification.

Speaker screw size:
Speaker screw is one of essential equipment for fix-up. Your speaker may fell or damage if the screw is loosely adjusted with the panel. So, get the original bolt and fix it.

Speaker grills:
Well, some speakers come in netted or steel grill system in front. If you choose grill based speakers or want to add an extra grill to your speaker, just consider the outer speaker diameter dimension and get accordingly.

The mounting depth and height measurement:
Mounting depth means the distance between the mounting extensions and the base of the magnet. And mounting height indicates the space between the mounting extension and the highest peak point of the speaker. Hence, you might think why do we need to know the ratio of this? This because mounting depth reduces deep bumping of sound and mounting height ensure the secure installation.

What will you do if you have recessed speaker?
As you know before, recessed speaker consists of two layers outside layer and baffle cut out layer, and there is nothing worry about if you have got recessed audio speaker. Because to know the diameter of this, just measure the speaker from side to another side. It is called the outside diameter. After that, measure the second layer which is exactly below the front outside speaker. And that is called baffle cutout diameter. However, it is always good to know outer diameter must be bigger than baffle cutout diameter.

Now, these are all the main issues while measuring your car speakers. Apart from this, it is good to know about:

  • The types of speakers. (Coaxial or component)
  • The speaker impedance.
  • Speaker frequency.
  • Power competency.
  • Total weight.

Hereafter, we have come to the final part of our discussion. Well, I would like to say that measuring speakers for your car is easy to work. However, you just have to be a little sincere about speaker size and set-up place area. And with this, if you trail the above suggestion I have given, for sure you will not face any speaker related problem in next.

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