Mother’s Day 2017 India Date, Celebration & Quotes

Mother’s Day 2017 India: More than forty countries of the world celebrate international mother’s day. This day is dedicated to the mother, motherhood. Like other countries in the world, India will celebrate this day with great honor. This is the modern celebration of ancient tradition. The celebration of Mother’s day begins in the United States in the 19th century. Before that, Greeks, Romans and many other nations celebrated the mother over thousands of years.

Mother’s day date in India

According to the Wikipedia, Various countries celebrate the Mother’s day in different times of the year. Mostly it is May and March
In India, the day is celebrated Mother’s day is celebrated in the second Sunday of the month of May. According to this calculation, the mother’s day 2017 day date is May 14, 2017. This day is a great chance to show love and affection to the mothers.

Brief History of International Mothers Day

The specific history of International Mother’s Language day is not found. Ancient Greeks, Romans celebrate this from thousands year. In the United Kingdom, the day was celebrated mothering Sunday. These are the pre-influence of this day.

Greeks dedicated this day to the wife of Cronus and other goddesses according to their belief. During the spring, they observed the special occasion. Those occasions were dedicated to their maternal goddess.
Romanian also did the same task with the different name. They dedicated the day to the mother goddess. The special festival had been arranged on this day.

Christian celebrates this day for the honor of Mary, Mother of Jesus. It was the fourth Sunday. On this day, they pray, offer gifts etc. It was about 1600 AD.

Mother’s day gets the modern look after 1908. Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother’s day, first observed this day. In the year of 1912, Anna made this day commercialization. Anna does the trademark of the phrase. From that time, the day is a public holiday.

How is the Mother’s day celebrated?
(Celebration of Mothers Day in India)

Almost 46 countries around the world celebrate the international mother’s day. In most of the cases, the celebration processes are almost same. The people do pray for the mothers, offers gifts and pass a great time for the purpose of Mother’s Day.

Mother’s day in Different Religion

Roman Catholic Church celebrates this day for the honor of Virgin Mary. Special prayers are arranged for the honor of Mery.

Mothers Day in Islam

There is no specific reference of observance of Mothers day in Islam. But according to the Quran & Hadith mothers have great respect for the mother.

According to the Islamic historian, The heaven lies under the foot of Mothers. Though some Islamic historian said that, the above line is false.

Hindus and Buddhist also celebrate this day with different customs.

Mothers Day in India

In India, the day is not celebrated as a religious event. Here the modern process is observed. The day is mostly celebrated in the urban area of India. To know the different festival of India Check Also: Festive India

Mother’s Day Quotes

More than thousands of quotes are available for Mothers and Mothers day. It can’t be written. It will be an Encyclopedia if I tried it :). Here are the some quotes with images

Mother's Day Quotes 2017 images

Mother’s Day Quotes 2017

Mothers Day Quotes:
“The Most Important thing a father can do for his children is to love their Mother”

Mother's Day 2017 Quotes

Mother’s Day 2017 Quotes

Quotes About Mother:
“A mother’s Arms are made of Tenderness and Children sleep soundly in them ”

Last Word About Mother’s Day

It’s a simple day bu showing affection, honor should not be limited with a day. But in this day people around the world will get the chance to show respect at a time. Happy Mothers day to everybody

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