National Parks in Bangladesh: Places of Tourism in Bangladesh

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Government people of Bangladesh have declared 17 places as a National Parks. These parks are one of the best choices of visiting Bangladesh. Most of the parks are declares for the preservation of wildlife. So these national parks in Bangladesh are the best places for tourism in Bangladesh.


Alta Dighi National Park

Altadighi National Park is located at Dhamurhat Thana in Naogoan District of Bangladesh. This national parks cover almost 264 hectares area including a large Dighi (large ponds) of 43 hectares area. The government of Bangladesh declared it as a. national park on December 24, 2011. This is one of the most ancient Dighi of Bangladesh.


Baraidala National Park

Baraiyadala national park is situated in the Chittagong district. The Beautiful scenario of Forest and hill tracks will fill one’s mind with joy.


Bhawal National Park

Bhawal-National-Park one of the tourist attraction of Bangladesh

Bhawal National Park

Bhawal National Park is one of the most famous National Parks of Bangladesh. This park is situated about 40 km away from Dhaka and 20 km from Gazipur. Its’ fascinating beauty attract the tourist. Several picnic spots are available there namely Ananda, Sonalu, Kanchon, Obokash, Oboshor, Binodon, etc. Several small cottages and restaurant are available for tourists but staying at night is not allowed here. To use the picnic spot, one needs Advance permission. Every year more than 1.5 millions of tourists visit this picnic spot. Different wild animals like a panther, samba deer, tigers as well as birds like peacocks and variety of wild lives attract the tourist most. The government people of Bangladesh declared as a national park in the year of 1982.


Birganj National Park

Birganj National Park situated in Dinajpur District of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Govt. announced this park as national forest 2011. More than 168 hectares area covers this national forest


Himchori National Park

Himchori National Park Water Fall

Himchori National Park Water Fall

It is about 12 km away from the Cox’s Bazar, the longest sea beach in the world. A place of beauty , beautiful hill tracks on one side and large sea on another side.On visiting this area you can enjoy the waterfall of Himchori , view different kinds of birds. It Nationals that it is place where Elephants reside


Kadighar National Park

Kadighar national park is in Mymensingh District. This area covers more than 344 hectares of lands. Appropriate location of this park is at Kachina Union of Valuka thana. It was established in 24th October 2010.


Kaptai National Park

Kaptai National Park Image

Kaptai National Park

A tree plantation program was performed in the year of 1873, 1878 and 1879 respectively. From those trees, Kaptai has turned into rain forest. In 1999 Kaptai was declared as a national park of Bangladesh by the ministry of forest and environment.
Different types of animal including elephants, foxes, and spotted deer enrich its beauty. Two rest houses are available for tourist. It is one of the greatest tourist attractions of Rangamati District.


Kuakata National Parks

Sunset in Kuakata National Park

Sunset in Kuakata National Park

If you want to visualize sunrise and sunsets from a place, you can visit Kuakata. A beach of scenic beauty, Kuakata, is about 18 km long. Every year thousands of tourist from different districts of Bangladesh as well as from abroad visit Kuakata. The Charming attractiveness of Kuakata, Sunrise sight and dusk scene and overall nature hypnotize the tourist mind.

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Nijhum Dwip National Park

Nijhum Dwip Photo

Nijhum Dwip National Park of Bangladesh

Nijhum Dwip is a small island of Noakhali District. Previously it was known as Char Osmani. It is a cluster of islands. Its natural beauty attracts the thousands of tourists every year. Rivers, forest with numerous deer are the main attractions of this Island. This islands plays a vital role in tourism of Bangladesh

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Ramsagar National Park

Ramsagar National Park lake picture

Ramsagar National Park

Numerous tourist spots are available throughout the country. Some of them are natural, and some are man-made. Ramsagar is one of the oldest tourist attractions of Bangladesh.
It is situated at Tazpur village of Auliapur Union in Dinajpur Districts. It is About 8 km far from the Dinajpur Sadar. In the year 1960, Bangladesh Forest Department acquired this area. After that in the year of 2001 Bangladesh Government declares it as a National Park.
The main attraction of this park is a large pond which name is Raamsagar. Beauty of the nature of Ramsagar attracts the tourist to visit. Some picnic spots and a small zoo are available there. This pond is more than 1000 meter length and 360-meter width. When the pond is dug specific, information can’t be found. It is guessed that it was dug in the middle of 18th century.


Nobabganj National Park

Nobabganj Natoinal Park

Nobabganj Natoinal Park

Nobabganj National situated in Dinajpur district. The government of Bangladesh declared this as a national Park in 2010. Covering 517 hectares area this National park has great beauty for the people. Sal forest of sal and teak trees are enriched its beauty.


Shingra National Park

Shingea is situated Vognogor Union in Dinajpur District of Bangladesh. Locally it is known Shingra Sal (Shorea robusta) forest. It is about 40 km away from Dinajpur Sadar and 15 km away from Birgonj. Total area of Shingra Forest is about 355 Hector. 305 hector area of this forest is declared a national Park in 2010. Four rivers named Dalagram, Chawlia, Shingra and NortoNodi have passed in this area. A small rest house and two picnic spots are available for the tourists

National Parks in Bangladesh

Alta Dighi National Park Naogoan
Baraiyadala National park Chittagong
Bhawal National Park Mymensingh
Birganj National Park Dinajpur
Himchori National Park Cox’s Bazar
Kadighar National Park Mymensingh
Kaptai National Park Chittagong
Kuakata National Parks Patuakhali
Nijhum Dwip National Park Noakhali
Ramsagar National Park Dinajpur
Nobabganj National Park Dinajpur
Shingra National Park Dinajpur

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