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Facebook profile marketing is one of the greatest ways of Social media marketing. From Blogging to T-shirt marketing everywhere you can utilize it. I am going to write about Facebook profile marketing secrets. By the end of the post you will know some amazing secrets of Facebook profile marketing. Hope, you will be benefited from here.

Everything starts from profile

You may learn about the Facebook marketing through Facebook page, paid ads etc. You also know that you must have a profile in order to that. Sometimes Facebook profile is more popular than Facebook page or groups. Look the following profile

facebook Followers

Large Number of Facebook Followers

If you have huge number of followers and friends in your profile you statuses have impact on your followers.

Decorate your profile

While decorating your profile, always try to keep real information in your profile. This will help you to find the targeted followers and friends. Adding massive people in your list is not quite good. Rather, less targeted people will provide you targeted result.

Use the following checklist to decorate your profile

About us Section: Works and Education
Make sure that you have filled up your works and education section properly. Your current business is at the top position. It connected to your business page. Include description in that page to arise curiosity.

Facebook About Us

Connects With Your Page

Double check your business page connected

Make your contact information public

Sometimes people want to contact with you through email or others. Try to make sure that your contact information is public. Add your other social network e.g. Twitter, google plus in your Facebook profile. From these you will get followers.

Facebook Contact Info

Facebook Contact Info in Profile

Details about you

Add quotes, details and tell something about you. It will enhance the trust and influence your followers.


Add an Intro

Add an intro about yourself. Your goals, what you want to be, what you are doing etc. This helps to find the targeted friends

Intro in Facebook Profile

Intro in Facebook Profile

Add Featured Images: it will make sure that you are human not robot.


Check your privacy

Don’t allow any unnecessary things in your timeline. Check your privacy and timeline regularly. Delete unnecessary post and irrelevant status regularly.

Acknowledge about Facebook TOS

According to Facebook terms and service you are not allowed to promote your business in the Facebook profile. So you should use Facebook profile to build relationship with your targeted clients and getting benefit.

Facebook Terms and Service

Facebook Terms and Service

Allow Follow button in your profile

This will help you to follow your post without accepting their friend requests.

Turn on Facebook Follow Options

Turn on Facebook Follow Options

Change privacy setting of your post

The people follows you don’t get any post or status if your post is not public. So make sure that your post is public.

Fb Privacy of Comments

Fb Privacy of Comments

Allow comments and Like of your followers

Allowing comments followers help increase engagements. They can express their opinions.

Celebrates and Talk

Don’t act like a marketers, Share your joys, occasions and celebrates your moments. Talk about the recent topics. Congratulate your colleges, friends and followers about their success, promotions and life events

Interact with people

Don’t do just posting status. Budget your time to make comments show emotions and comments. Don’t do spamming.

Discuss like an Expert

Join in various discussions. Show your logics. Act like an expert. This will help you to increase massive followers.

Discuss Like Expert

Discuss Like Expert

Use Graph Search

Graph search helps you to find the relevant people. By using this feature of Facebook you will get the targeted followers and friends.

Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search

Share Company News

Share different company news that is relevant to your niche business.

Tag yourself in your company photo

Tag yourself in your company photo help you to introduce your company to your followers. This also reminds your followers about yourself.

Tell the motivational and Funny Stories

Tell to your followers motivational and funny stories. These will make you laugh. But keep it limited. Don’t do adult jokes or irrelevant stories. If you do that you will lose faith.

Tell motivational Stories

Tell motivational Stories

Make a Facebook list

Facebook list helps to categorize the friend list. Try to make a look each list everyday. These help you to find the latest trends and topics.

Use Searchable #hashtag in your Status

Hashtags helps to engage users and finds out the new followers.

Let,Start thinking about your Facebook profile. Now you have now the secrets and strategies of Facebook profile marketing. What do you think? Is it right way? If you have some additional experiences let me know through comments. Share it to your friends.

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