How to Buy Online Train Ticket BD

If you want to buy online train ticket BD, this guide will help to purchase it perfectly. But one can not buy the unlimited ticket from online. It has limitation. One can only buy highest 4 train ticket from online.Bangladesh Railway Official Website is the Authorised to sell online Train Ticket BD.

Step by Step Guide to Buy online Train Ticket BD

1. Visit the Offical Website of Bangladesh Railway. Click Here

2. Click on the Signup Button or Click Here

3. Enter your Name Email Address password and mobile no.

4. Click on Register Button

5. Confirm your email

6. Then Sign in Using Email password

7. Select Travel Details
8. Buy ticket (Highest Four Ticket)
9. Check Ticket Price

10. Enter Card Credential

11. Confirm the purchase Ticket and Print it

12. Collect the main ticket from stations.

Note: Online Train Ticket BD Website doesn’t store cookies or Card information or IP. Illegal use of the website will be punished.

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