Most popular Bangla Blog sites list: Bangla Technology Blog

Decades ago Bangla blog site was not as popular as now. Day by day numbers of Blogs is increasing. We have now some most popular Bangla blogs which are international quality. I am here sort out the list of popular Bangla blog sites. This list is made of y personal interest, based on the popularity of Alexa ranking, and users reviews etc.


Somehereinblog is the largest bangle Unicode blog in Bangladesh. It is the pioneer of Bangla blog. This is the very first bangle blog which comes with Unicode technology. Thousands of users regularly write regularly there.It is the most popular Bangla blog site.

Techtunes is the leading bangle IT blog. 100% Unicode based this blog is best for different tips and tricks of IT. This blog plays an important role in the field of IT arena.

ITShikkha is a popular online community of Bangladesh. Though its starts it journey of facebook group which online outsourcing school Bangladesh, now this blog gain its popularity though out the country.

Another Great IT blog is Tuner page. As like Techtunes, it is also the pioneer of Bangla IT blog. Thousands of blogger regularly write different kinds of IT tips and tricks in this blog. If you want to learn a primary and advanced level of IT in Bangla, Techtunes and Tuner page are the best for you.

Amar blog is one of the best discussion places for different views. Liberation war of Bangladesh, different open discussion and criticism is allowed here. It starts its journey on April 14, 2008, which is the first day of Bangla New year

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Bangla technology blog becomes popular with different popular IT blog. PC helpline bd is one of them. Different kinds of Exclusive tips are available on this blog. This blog covers different areas of bangle information technology.

A great bangle IT resource for the web designer. RRfoundation provides the extraordinary role in the field of web design by providing huge numbers of video tutorials for free.

The forum is always best for different kinds of discussion. From traveling to various kinds of discussion e.g. jokes to travel story, IT knowledge sharing are acceptable in promo forum

Another great Bangla blog for a different kind of discussion. You may share your experiences in that blog. From religious to political, recent news to criticism is allowed here.

This is the personal blog of Rubel SBS. SBS stands for Smart Business Society. In this blog, you will get different kinds of information e.g. Google AdSense, Motivational Quotes, etc.


Jhankar Mahbub is the senior web developer of Neilson USA. This is the personal blog no Jhankar Mahabub. In this different blog tips of web design, programming, motivational quotes, etc.

1. It starts the new era of Bangle online programming. There are different kinds of a tutorial here, especially in programming arena. Tutorials with highly relevant discussion are available here.

This website is like popular web w3schools. Here different elements of web designing are discussed according to systematic ways.html, CSS, PHP, and WordPress are systematically chapters presented here.

One of the leading online portal bad news maintains this blog. Public opinion, audio, video and picture blogging are allowed here.

I know you are familiar with many more bangle blog. Just knock me by using contact or in my Facebook inbox. I will add all the list. Your contribution will help to make this list bigger.

This is my personal Blog . I love to play with Web. Blogging, Web design, Learning, travelling and helping others are my passion.This blog is the place where I write anything whatever come in my mind. You can call it My Personal Diary. This blog is my partner of My Endless Journey

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