How to select profitable T shirt niche

Niche selection is the key factor of your t-shirt business success. If you want to be successful t-shirt marketer, if you are passionate about t-shirt business in online, you have to be highly accurate of selecting t-shirt niche.

T-Shirt Niche is the First Step of starting T-shirt marketing

How to generate T-shirt niche ideas

What is niche?

What is niche

What is niche

There are 7.5 billion people in the world. Based on the gender, there are female and male. According to the age, you can classify them into several groups. You can classify them by their age, interest, hobby,behaviour and Profession etc. There are so many classifications are possible according.

As they are different from each other, they culture trends choice are also different. If you are going to start any kinds of business you can’t work with 7.5 billion people. You have to work with a small portion of them.

This is actually niche is. A small portion of the people based on the interest, emotions. Desire and knowledge may be called niche.

How to select niche?

Before selecting a niche, you have to know about them. Then you should analyze the following characteristics of your niche.

Are the ready to monetize?

This is the very first questions of selecting a niche. Suppose you have targeted lower class of people or children’s who reads in school. Are they ready to buy anything from online? Do they have enough money? The answer is No.

Financial Ability is the factor of choosing niche

But parents of those children have the ability to buy something. Then if you target the children’s product, you have to work with parent’s behavior.

Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.

Hit the Emotions

T-shirt industry runs with emotions. No matter which topics you have chosen. You have to hit the emotions of them. To hit them, know about their knowledge, desire.

If you can do this they will share it with their friends, the ultimate result is profit.

If your niche can’t hit your emotions, it will be worthless

Think big, Do big
If you want to do long time business, you have to think big. Choose a niche which covers a large number of people. It will enhance the probability to get sells.

How to find those niches?

Finding a niche for t-shirt marketing is not a tough job. You have Google, social Medias where you will find the thousands of niches.

Facebook to find niche

Search for any topics; see how many people are talking about this. The more people talking about the topics the larger the niche is! I have added some screenshot to make it clear.

I have also made a list of thousands of niche with their audience number.

facebook insight for niche

Facebook insights is the great place for finding niche

You can take help from Facebook audience insights to find out the niches.

If your selected niche has more than 100000 audiences, then your niche is big enough. You can do t-shirt business with them. But remember that, don’t go only for numbers, there some factors, as I described above, is also responsible for the business.

Twitter, Pinterest, and Hashtags

Other social media like twitter, Pinterest can be a great source of niches. Use hashtags to search. I always use Twitter advanced search to find out the quality niches. Just carefully observe
How many people are talking about this?
How many tweets, share, or like on those post?

Twitter Advance Search Form

Twitter Advance Search Form

You will get the idea. Start working with other social media

I am not the regular user of Reddit. But I have found many interesting things on the Reddit. I have visited different subreddit. It shows that how many people are interested in those topics and how many are online at this moment.

These seem to me very interesting. I have got ideas how much time people spend in which sectors

Reddit helps you to find niche

Reddit helps you to find niche

Search Engine

A search engine like google, bing are the another great source of finding niche idea. Google trends are very useful to find the latest trends and news.

Google Trends help you to understand the niche

Google Trends help you to understand the niche

Other marketplaces

There are so many marketplaces where you can get the niche ideas. I have listed below

1. Teezily
2. Viralstyle
3. Teespring
4. Represent
5. Teechip
6. Thread Me
7. Sunfrog
8. Canvus
9. Fabrily
10. Customlink
11. Amazon

Directly go to the marketplaces browse different categories and see their designs and number of piece sold.

Remember, Niche is the main factor in your success. The more efficiently you can analyze, the more you will be benefited.

You May Download the Top Niche list for T Shirt
Download top Niche list

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