How to search in Google: Advance google search tips

We are using Google in every day when we are in online. If you are not an expert techie then you may be searching for normal ways. According to the survey of IDC , knowledge seeker spends 15-30% of their day for Google searching. Above 50% of the case, they failed to get the desired results. Here is the post how to be expert in using Google.

How to search on Google

There are thousands of ways to search in Google. I have described here some important techniques of Google search. The very first thing of controlling Google search you have to know about the Google search operators.

Google Search Operators

Operator Example Description Application
filetype: seo planning filetype:doc Restrict search results by file type extension You can use it to find out the number of relevant topics available in google
site: How many pages are indexed in google. Helps to analyze the competitors Search Within a Domain
T-shirt Marketing
inurl: inurl:seo Search specific word within URL
allinurl: inurl:what is seo Search multiple words within URL find the competitors and analyzing their URL structure
intext: intext:leave a comment finding the specific text in search result
allintext: allintext:Vote for Same as above find the specific text or site
eg. find sites for commenting or other activities it is important
allintitle: allintitle: keyword find the specific keyword in the title Helps to find out the competitors by title
Intitle, AllinTitle, inurl, allinurl,intext, allintext have same functionalities. if you set all prefix it can be used for multiple text or words.
allinanchor: allinanchor:optimization Find the link of sites which anchor the word Possible backlinking site Analyzing Competitors
daterange: marketing plan daterange: 2454832-2455196 Restrict search results to pages indexed during the specified range (requires Julian dates) Find out the latest post on your competitors or Topics
related: Find out the related site of BBC Helps to find the related sites with same topics or categories. it also helps to find the competitors
info: find the information of Ontaheen home page Find any page info. leg. cache version, similar page, pages link to the site
link: link: Display pages that link to the specified page Find the pages where your competitors are mentioned
Cache cache: abc.html Find the Cached Version of a particular page
define: define:anaerobic find the definition of anything

Booliean and Symbolic search Operators

Besides this, Google has some search operators of symbol and Boolean algebra. These operators also play and important role for the perfect search result. The following list represents some Boolean and symbolic Google search operators

Symbol How to use it?
- (minus) Operators remove the pages or sites. Suppose you want to exclude the search result exclude
Example: Teezily reviews – It will return the result but exclude the site
* (Astarisk) You don’t know what to put here.
example: * has died today
Google will show every possible result. It is like fill in the blanks. Google will fill it with possible answers.
*case sensitive
google by default uses AND operators. No need to write put emphasis on it.
*case sensitive
This operator will show the option. Suppose you have searched for monkey OR Donkey. Google will show both of the results.
example: "" OR ""
Search Engine google will show both results that contain phrase either first one or second one.
"" (Double Quotations) Google will show results where the exact phrase contains. example: "Marketing Secrets"
.. (two periods) It indicates the price range.
Example: Laptop $200..$2000

Complex Search

You can combine the different search operators. Suppose intitle:”search phrase”+ inurl:”keywords”. These are complex search by combining the different search operators.

Google Advance Search

Are afraid of memorizing this? Don’t be upset. If you think it will be trouble for you memorize it. You can use google advanced search option for searching anything.


There are thousands of search systems in google. Here I have described only some important search factors. Before starting to learn search engine optimization you should learn about search system of Search Engine. These will help you to control the search engine. Not only you should rely on google but also you should be aware of other major search Engines like bing, duck duck go etc

Do you think I have missed any important google search operators? Please let me know.

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