The secrets of Web Content Development

Website content strategy is essential for Blogging success.  If your website content is not well enough, you will lose you potential visitor. It also hampers your brand value. Most of the website doesn’t have the content plan. In a recent survey, it is seen that 73% of the site doesn’t have the content strategy. It will be the best practice if you make a content plan before writing your blog post. I am here going to write some exclusive factors and secret of content strategy that should maintain.


You have to be SMART not only in Blogging but also you have to set the Smart goal in every sphere of life. What is your goal, ask yourself? If your answer is getting views, it is not unique. Very the first condition of setting up the goal is that it must be SMART

  • S = Specific
  • M = measurable
  • A= achievable
  • T= Time   

So if you say, you have targeted 1 billion views. The fact is that it is not achievable ( A= achievable).  Goal must be specific and Achievable. Now, factors of setting up the content goal are relevant and time. (SMART = Specific, measurable, achievable, Relevant, Time)

If you set the goal like, Increasing overall website views by 25% from 10000 to 12500 by August 25, 2016. This is the SMART goal.

You may set lead collection, mail contact; social media share, etc. instead of Website view.

Research before Publishing

While writing website content it is said that

You don’t need the passport to write the travel guide.

But it is also true that proper knowledge and a clear concept are essential to write web content. If you can’t provide enough data and satisfied your visitor, your writings will be worthless.

Research is the core of good content

To make your content worthy; you need to gather data. Different online newspaper, interviews of expert, online magazines and industry news are the best sources of specific knowledge. You can gain various sources and references from Wikipedia Reference Section.

Find the Gap of competitor

You have to concern about your competitor. You should read at least all the article of SERP first page. Watch your competitors carefully.

  • What they focus?
  • How they Focus?
  • What they miss?

Make note all the factors described above. Make strategy according to it.

Understand the psychology

Every content writer is a good psychologist. The content writer should understand the reader’s psychology. Content should developed in such a way that fills the readers psychology

 Information & trends

Providing relevant information, Industry news, and trends make the content trustworthy. Google loves this.

Important Quotes and Opinion

Famous people say anything about the topics. Including those topics is one of the best practices. You may agree with those issues or may not. Write your valid opinion in your web pages. These encourage the visitors to take part in a discussion.

Keyword Research is the Backbone of Content Development

Every content planning needs keyword research. The purpose of Content development strategy is to attract the readers and potential customers to your site. Search Engine helps you to get the desired Customer.

While developing content factors of search engine should keep it in mind. Keyword research is the first factor of Search Engine Suitable content. I have made a basic discussion about keyword research in my Blogging Guide.

Content Title attracts the Readers

When people search something in Google, S/he doesn’t see the web page content. He just views your title, Meta description. If your blog posts have the catchy title, it will certainly draw the attention. It will increase your CTR.

But if the title is not impressive enough, Visitors may not read the post. You have put emphasis on blog post content along with blog title. Blog title should arouse the curiosity of visitor, draw attention, short and descriptive.

SEO best practices

About Blog Title Search Engine giant Google and other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, etc. show limited character in their Search Engine Result Page. Therefore, SE (Search Engine) cuts off the too lengthy article title. Making short title is one of the best practices.

Google Counts about 512 pixels in their search engine result page. In this space about 55/60 character can be written.

Title should be Descriptive

There is a proverb, Morning shows the day. Similarly, content title expresses what are available on the page. See the headline of this post. “The Art of great web content development” Probably, you have clicked on the article because of this title. This title describes its value.

Proper placement of keyword in title

Keyword in title adds extra value in search engine ranking. Try to start starts your content title with keywords. But make this natural. You may combine more than one keyword in the title. See the following example.

On SEO page case study

Here I have combined two keywords “On page SEO” &” SEO case study.”

Some catchy content title template

  1. How to Beat These [Number] Common [Type] Fears

Previously Mr. Abdul Aouwal, Owner if this blog writes a blog post “How to beat these three common fears of Web Designing” This kind of blog post attracts the newbie who is going to start.


  1. The Art of [Doing Some Specific Thing]

That sort of title describes that exclusive tips and techniques are given in the content. This type of article is lengthy. If you are going to provide a complete discussion of particular topics, this title will help you


  1. [Number] [News Stories/Studies] to Help You [Get Desired Results] in [ Year]


It is proven that article title started with the number gets high CTR. If you add the recent year, it denotes that you are up to date. Example:

“10 Research Studies to Help You Lose Weight”

  1. How to [Get a Desired Result] [With/Without] [Some Specific Item]

When you are going to write a how-to content, these type of headlines are attractive. It focuses specific topics. Suppose if you can find the way of writing blog content without grammatical knowledge and provides headline like

How to write blog Content without knowing grammar?

It certainly attracts the visitors.

  1. How an Unknown [Type of Person] [Did Some Extraordinary Thing]

People love to read some exceptional stories. Suppose, you have heard that, a farmer becomes billionaires. Or a dull student becomes the first boy in your class.

The following types of headline will help you to draw the attraction of the visitors.

How an unknown farmer become a Billionaires.

  1. The Secret of [Getting a Result] – Using Only [One Specific Item]

Secret!!!! Yap, we, people, love to know the inner secret. By adding the word “Secret” curiosity of visitors will arouse. They are going to click on your link. If you can fulfill their demand, they will love your website.

Huh!! I can’t finish the title template. There are numerous title styles. I can pass my whole life just writing the template. I will provide the pro tip by the end of this section.


Make a list of your favorite blog and famous blog. Write down the headlines Used by them. No matter what’s the topics are. Make your headlines by generating Ideas from them.

Example: I like HubSpot marketing blog. I have found the following headline

“101 Marketing Ideas to Help You Generate More Business [Free Ebook]”

If my topics are about lifestyle, I can write ,”101 Ideas to help you enhance your personality”

I think, this example is enough to find the great content Idea.

Some Online title generator

Here is the list of some title generator which helps you to generate the ideas of Blogging as well as Headline of your topics

Content Row:

Tweaky Biz:

Inbound Now:

Content Forest:

Hub spot:


From the list above I like Tweaky Biz to make my thoughts.. If you are tensed about, how to use it see the following Whiteboard animation video.

Define the type of Content

Some SEO specialists describe their content type in a title. What kind of material it is, whether it is Infographic or videos or others. I have discussed the content type in this post. # Decide on the Post Format What types of content you are going to publish. In online different kind of web, a content format is available. Which format you should use it solely depends on you and your targeted audiences.

If you focused the visual learner, Infographic and videos are the best ways. On the other hand, Checklist is suitable for different business or planning.

Types of Post

Online is vast. It is not possible to define exact classifications of a post. I have tried to find out the post type from online. You can add others in the comments. Here is the list


This kind of post is generally in Portable Document Format. It may start from the single page to several pages. Users usually download E-book and Read it careful PDF reader. If the E-book can fill the demand of users, it may be Viral.


It is preformatted formatted document. People use the template for doing specific types of works. Templates make easy to do a particular job. Template saves the time.

Example, Salary Sheet Template, Email Template, Marketing Strategy Template.

Checklist: Suppose, you are going to open a website for your company.

  • What have you to do?
  • Choose the Domain name
  • Choose a good host
  • Design Website
  • Provide the Content
  • Find out the error of Website
  • Fix the error.


This is the checklist. These types of post have real appeal to the visitor.

Comparison Chart: The word “comparison” defines its function. To compare different product or services we use comparison chart. People get acknowledged about the advantages and disadvantages with the comparison chart.

Case Study: A story of success or failure is the case study. Guess, A newbie internet marketer has become the millionaire within one month. He wrote his story or gives the interview of his secret. He told everything from the first day to last day of his success. He told about the problem he faces, ways of overcoming, etc. The whole fact is defined as Case Study. Case Study helps others to learn something from practical life.

Worksheet or Calculator: I want to add the multiple number in a row. Or I want to make a plan of doing something specific. Calculator or worksheet will make this job easy for me. Example: Google Conversion Calculator.

Purchasing Guide: Suppose, You are going to buy a product. You know different types of goods along with various brands are available in the market.

  • Which one is best suited for you?
  • Which features should be checking?
  • How to check those features?
  • What are the Advantages and Disadvantages?
  • What are prices?
  • The purchasing guide answers all the questions.

List: Lets, You are going to visit Bangladesh.

But you don’t know which the tourist spots of Bangladesh are?

You have searched in Google. Find all the name of Tourist Spots in Bangladesh.

This is the list.


How to: In most of the cases, ‘How to’ post describes the step by step Guide to do something. If the Content is good enough, Google shows direct answers in SERP with their Rich Cards.

Best of: This is almost same as the listing. The main difference is the Best of specified some of the products or Services instead of the Complete list. Example: Best private universities in Bangladesh.

News& Trends: At this moment what is the most talking topics in the world or particular region in the specific field. This is trends. All the facts of recent times are the news.

Question Answered: Nobody is fulfilled with knowledge. Everybody has limitations. Therefore, they ask different types questions. If you know these answers, you may write blog content by answering these questions. Various forums, question answer sites will help to collect the items

Opinion: This may be view or collection. The opinion must be the logical discussion. 14. Product Focus: Specific product highlighted in the post.

Podcast /Video/ Infographic: These are audio, visual ways to describe any topics, products or services.

The Last words

Here is the some recap of the whole article

  • Research Keywords
  • Research your Audience
  • Use Catchy Title
  • Choose the post formats  


Hi everybody, I am Meher Nigar. Love blogging, Online Marketing, Surfing internet .Knowledge is my passion. I am guest blogger here

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    Kazi Abir September 4, 2016 at 5:15 pm

    Very useful article for the newbie who wants to start their blog.One should be SMART while writing his/her blog post.

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    Hello miss Nigar
    Wow you just wrote such a Great Article . there is lots of use information which i never got anywhere. I look forward to your next article. Also thanks for made us as SMART Writer. 🙂

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      Meher Nigar November 4, 2016 at 8:19 am

      @Ordinary Writing worthy content is a hard job. You need to be concentrate about the readers. I hope this content will be helpful for you. Keep in Touch 🙂

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    Thank you so much. This is very useful article for who wants write on there blog. Specially Have lots information for newbie.
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      You are warmly welcome 🙂

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