How to Soothe Your Crying Baby

One of the most frustrating challenges a new parent faces is soothing her sobbing infant, especially one who has been recently fed, changed, and loved. Fussiness among babies is a generalization that is usually applied to a number of irritants, and you might fail to understand what is distressing your little one, nonetheless, this should not worry you. Calming your irritable baby is all about understanding and mastering the simple art of distraction.

The next time you wonder how to calm your little one, put some of these ten top tips to soothe your crying baby:

Toys on stroller

If you have a baby most probably you use a stroller for him/her. In case of twins while they stay on a double stroller, if one of them start crying the other could also do the same. So while you are busy in work putting your baby on a stroller, attach some toys on a stroller. Some of the toys made nice music which the babies love to hear and they will remain calm or fall asleep.

Wrap him or her up

Babies especially newly born babies and those who are below a month old were used to the womb and its coziness. When they are born they take some time to adjust to their new environment. When your little one cries it simply indicates that he or she misses her small nest. Therefore, it is important that you create an artificial womb for him or her by wrapping them up in a nice and warm blanket or wrapper. Wrapping your little one especially with his or her arms inside the swaddle will help in calming him down and he will eventually stop crying.

Shift positions

If you were cradling your cranky baby with her face up and the baby is still crying, you can try another position. Try holding your baby face down with your arm under the baby’s belly. This may soothe him or her. The pressure underneath can help in relieving the uncomfortable wind.

Soothe Your Crying Baby

Try the colic carry

At times when your baby is crying uncontrollably what she requires is a little pressure on his or her tummy. This is called a colic carry. The aim of colic carry is to help relieve gas in her tummy. You can lay your baby across your lap, with one knee in her tummy area and the other leg supporting her head. You can also hold her upright, with her abdomen safely secured on your shoulder. The other way of performing the colic carry is by laying your baby on her tummy on your forearm, carefully cradling her head in your hand. With the other hand, you can stabilize and rub her back gently. It soothes and makes her feel comfortable.

Sing a song

Your little one has no idea and does not care whether you sing off-key or with an excellent pitch. However, what she does know is that you will always be there for her and sing to her whenever she feels irritated. Therefore, the next time your baby is cranky, simply hum a classic lullaby or whatever ballad that comes to your mind and she will stop crying by just listening to the sound of your voice.


Just like adults, babies also get bored and the only way they can let you know that he or she is bored is by crying. To keep your baby entertained, try playing with him or her, produce silly noises and perform animated funny expressions, or dance with him or her to a favorite tune. Babies have powerful cognitive senses and the moment you do these things, you will get their attention and they will stop crying.

Change the scene or environment

If your baby is stuck in crying, try changing the scene. Most babies love going outdoors and regardless of the weather try taking your little one outside. If it is so cold, wrap him or her up to keep her warm and take her outside for fresh air.

Use a pacifier

Babies do possess a powerful sucking instinct. With this knowledge get your baby a pacifier to suck. Research shows that dummies also help in preventing sudden infant death syndrome. It is therefore important to have a pacifier just in case your baby gets irritable. After all, what are pacifiers meant for?
While no single method works perfectly for all babies, you will soon develop a variety of techniques that work well for your baby.

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