SSC result board challenge or SSC result rescrutiny 2017

Are you searching for How to apply SSC result board challenge or SSC result rescrutiny 2017? If yes, you are in right place. In this post, we have discussed how to apply for SSC result board challenge and rescrutiny.

Secondary School Certificate (SSC) results 2017 have been published on 4th may 2017. About 80.35% students passed in SSC and equivalent tests in this year. This result is lower compared to previous years.

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A total number of GPA 5 holders cumulated to 1,04,761, that is also lower compared to previous year. So, the result is not expected for many students. However, this time there is SSC results rescrutiny system like previous years. If any student is not satisfied with his/her results as he/she expected he/she can go for SSC result board challenge or SSC result rescrutiny.

SSC Result Rescrutiny Apply SMS Process | Board Challenge System

It is very easy to apply for SSC Result Rescrutiny, SSC result Board Challenge or Khata Challenge through Teletalk mobile. The rescrutiny process will start from 5th may 2017 and the process will end in may 2017. Students have to pay fee taka for each subject and there is two paper on the subject he has to pay 250 takas. The SSC Result Rescrutiny apply can only be done by Teletalk sim. Here is the whole process in details:

Go to mobile message option and Type

RSC (First 3 Letter of Board Name) Roll No (Subject Code) and send to 16222
For example: RSC CHI 116496 107

For Madrasha Student:

RSC Mad 13478123 and send to 16222

Reply SMS: A PIN number will come with fee deduction message. If you agree and correct information then sends another SMS as a reply by typing RSC {space} YES {space} PIN Number {space} Contact Number and send it to 16222 Number.

Example: RSC YES 123667101 018XXXXX

If you want you can apply for more than one subject in one SMS. In that case, subject codes will be divided by comma (,). You should bear in mind that the important part of 2nd SMS is the Contact Number. The result or Further in progression will be sent to the contact number that you gave while applying.

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