How to Start Online T-shirt Business with T shirt Marketplaces

T-shirt business is one of the most profitable businesses in online now. If you are passionate about this business you should go further reading. In this post, I have discussed the step by step procedure of online T-shirt business through t-shirt marketplaces.

How to start T-shirt Business


Niche Selection

Niche Selection Process & Tools Overview

Niche selection is the first step of starting t-shirt business in online. They more you pass time for the niche selection the more perfect you will be. It helps you to find out specific audience, lower your budget

How to get Niche Idea

How to get niche Idea

How to select Niche?

Try to find the answers to the following questions. You will

  • What is the age of your targeted people?
  • Do they have financial ability to spend money?
  • What is the profession of them?
  • What are topics they are passionate about?
  • Which country are they from?
  • What are the latest trends in those countries?
  • Is your niche is seasonal?
  • Are they large in Number?
  • Are the market of niche is over saturated or not?
  • What is the competition level of that niche?

These answers will help you to find the perfect niches for you.

What are the T-shirt Niche Selection Tools? It is not possible to answer specifically. It solely depends on you. I have listed some tools which may help you.

Facebook Audience Insight Guide
Facebook Audience Insights

It’s a great tool to know your visitors. It also helps you to analyze your visitor’s behaviors. Here you can make segmentations with FAI according to the behaviors, age, gender, professions etc. There are a lot of sections to know about your audiences.

Access Wikipedia

Wikipedia is one of the greatest sources of getting niche ideas. Here you can get the idea about specific countries, their culture, hobbies and many other things. I use it to generate Niche ideas.

Social Media Hashtags

Social media hashtags are the great ways to know what’s happening in the social media. Different hashtags are available in online. Just use Search Engine and Social Medias to find the hashtags.

Pinterest & Twitter

Pinterest and TwitterWhat is the most trending? Twitter Pinterest and other social Medias will help to get different ideas about what going on in the real world

Search Engines

Search Engine is another great way to get ideas of niches. Search anything, visits forums and industry news. There you will get thousands of Idea

I have previously written a post about niche selection. There I have discussed how to select the profitable niche for a t-shirt. Don’t forget to read it.

How to select profitable T shirt niche


T-shirt Design

Get T-shirt Design Idea
T-shirt Design Overview

T-shirt design is important works after T-shirt niche selections. If your design is not good enough, can’t hit the emotions of your audiences, you are unable to make the profit. Before design, a t-shirt few topics should keep in mind

  • Age of your Audiences
  • Gender
  • Seasonal factors
  • Trending or Not

Keep updated the latest idea about trends of graphics. Events times, relations between images or messages with their cultures should keep in mind


Choosing the Marketplaces

T-Shirt Marketplaces Overview

There are several marketplaces where you can sell your design idea. Every marketplace is good enough. Similarly, all of the marketplaces have limitations. The main aim is to earn money. So, the first priority of choosing marketplaces should be the profit amount and quality services.

Here is the list of Marketplaces

  • Teespring
  • Teezily
  • Viral Style
  • Gearbubble
  • Zazzle

I prefer Teezily and ViralStyle for their good Customer support.

Teezily Review: Why Teezily is the best ?

If you are looking for passive income through T-shirt marketing, you have to find a marketplace where you can do it ...

User rating:
4Promote Your T Shirt
Promoting Your T-shirt Business
This is the final Step of T-shirt business. You have researched for the niche, design t-shirts, and choose the marketplaces. Now, it is the time to sell your t-shirt. To promote your t-shirt there are thousands of ways. I have discussed here some common and highly converted places where you can promote your t-shirt freely or through paid marketing.

4.1 Use the power of Facebook

There is no doubt about the largest social Media in online. Billions of users pass their time on Facebook. They like different posts, comments, shares. You can market your t-shirt through Facebook. There are lots of options to promote your t-shirt.

Facebook Profile Marketing Guide
Facebook Profile Marketing

Facebook profile is the first option which can be utilized for t-shirt marketing. Don’t say your friends to buy the t-shirt. Ask them about the t-shirt, about designs, color etc. If anyone shows the interest of your designed t-shirt refers them to your online store.

Facebook Group Marketing Secrets
Facebook Group marketing

Thousands of members of the same niche belong to in a place. This is a Facebook group. If you can perfectly influence the group members, you can get huge sell from the Facebook group.

Facebook Page

In comparison with Facebook group, Facebook pages are like Facebook profile. The difference is that there are no limitations in Facebook pages where there are some limitations in Facebook profile. You can do Facebook page marketing to increase the Facebook page like post engagements, website conversions, and lead collections.


Utilize the Twitter

More Twitter Marketing
Twitter Marketing

Twitter is another great social media site. Here you will get something different from Facebook. This is really a micro-blogging site. The advance search engine, trend searching etc are the unique features of twitter. Perfect twitter marketing helps you to grow your business.


Uncover the Google Plus

Google Plus Guide
Google Plus Overview

Google plus is one of the biggest online platforms. Unlike twitter or Facebook, Google plus plays an important role in for your ranking. Everything shared in Google plus is immediately indexed by Google. The ratio of clicking to the post is more than 50%. Google Plus has communities, events, hangouts, pages, local business facilities and many other facilities. It is one of the best marketing tools for your business.


Connected With Email

Email Marketing Guide
Branding with Email

More than 34% people regularly check email inbox. It is sometimes more effective than social media. Visitors of the site directly convert to the customer with email. Unlike Social Media, this is more effective. If think about the financial matter, email marketing is less costly than the other marketing. As it is customizable and action oriented most of the marketers feel relax on Email marketing.


LinkedIn for B2B

LinkedIn Marketing Plan
Grow with LinkedIn

Linked is ideal for B2B. Here thousands of professional pass their time. Unlike the Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn is used by mostly professionals. Like Facebook you can do here, profile marketing, groups marketing.

This content is partially published. More update is coming soon. Follow the comment forms to share your thoughts. I will update it regularly

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