Tag: islands of Bangladesh
Tourism in Island of Bangladesh

Chera Island Chera Island or dwip is the most southern part of Bangladesh. It is the last point of Bangladesh. It is located 5km away from St. Martin. The total area of this island is about 3 km. It was found in the last of 2000 . It is a part of St.Martin but during tides it divides. The most ...

Nijhum Dwip National Park Bangladesh

Nijhum Dwip is previously known as Char Osmani, Baluar Char, Golden Island, etc. which is located at Hatiya Upazila in Noakhali District Bangladesh. It is a little island occupying 164 Square kilometers, is a great tourist attraction in Bangladesh. It is surrounded by Bay of Bengal and Meghna ...

Saint Martin Island Bangladesh

The Saint Martin's Islands, Bangladesh, Locally known as Narikel Jinjira (An Island of Coconut), is one of the most beautiful Islands in Bangladesh. Different Biological resources, the fascinating beauty of Island and the hospitality of the local people attract the tourist.Beautiful landscapes, ...

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