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7 Cool Tips for Buying a Travel Backpack

If you are always traveling a backpack is going to be important unless you can survive from nature.  While looking for to buy one of those, you will get a lot of choices and offers, being easy to get lost and not knowing which to buy is obvious. Not necessarily the most expensive will be the best, and that is why here we give you some tips to get a best travel backpack that is a good companion travel, regardless of the price.

Tips for Buying a Travel Backpack:


While traveling bag, sizes are normally measured according to their volume, i.e. in liters, there are also measurements to fit the different textures. Sometimes there are separate ones for men and women. However, what the message here is with this is for bodies more robust or thin. The important thing is that the belt and the height of the shoulder pads are comfortable for the user and it will fit you well.

Supported volume

Depending on the type of trip you are going to make, you will be able to vary the volume you need. The standard size is about 65 liters for long-term shipments but no need for specialized survival equipment. Personally, I have a 65-liter and it was a pleasant experience to travel with her on long walks. Some people travel with backpacks of 45 liters but they have more experiences who know what to take.

You should also keep in mind that a larger backpack means you can carry more things that you may not need. You must take care that the total weight does not exceed 25% of your body weight. The ideal for a good experience is that it oscillates between 8 to11 kilos.

Structure and distribution of weight

A proper backpack is able to transfer the weight to the back, spine, and cervical relapsing mostly on the legs. You should not feel the tension in the shoulders but your hip should be the one that holds the backpack. The important elements for greater effectiveness are the belt, shoulder pads, frame, and chest stabilizer.

When buying the backpack you should try it with weight since it will look comfortable, but adding content can change the sensation radically. Carbon fiber frames that are light and resistant are can be a good choice, although there are those who recommend aluminum. What should not happen is that the frames are visible, no quality backpack will have them in sight but if you can feel them.


To a large extent, this will define the comfort you can get from the backpack. It is advisable that the belt, the shoulder pads, and the chest stabilizer are padded to avoid discomfort in those areas by the friction. Those who do not have problems wearing padding may differ from this view because in the background you have a less-expensive backpack that gives you more mobility. However, those who are just beginning can suffer enough without a padding.


It is a minor issue since it has to do with the organization of your things. When you go on a trip there is more than one occasion when you need quick access to some of your items, for example, if there are any injured you will need to quickly get to your first aid supplies and if it is in between a lot of things will be complicated. That is where the quantity, quality, and size of the pockets play a fundamental role, which you must plan in advance as you will use to be able to acquire the indicated backpack. It is also important that there is a closure with access to the internal part, you will save a lot of time.

Space for hydration bag

Without a doubt, water will be the most valuable resource you will have on long walks and tours. Hydration bags are an excellent way to transport water because they prevent the development of microorganisms, keep it cool and provide you with a hose so you can consume it whenever you want. Many modern backpacks include a space for these bags and a hole through which to pass the hose for water consumption. Still, they do not all bring it and that is why it is important to look at this detail.

Brooch quality

It may seem trivial to talk about the brooches but the truth is that I have had bad experiences that greatly impact the trip. A strange backpack that I had once had poor quality pins and when I wanted to release it was locked what in itself was already unpleasant. Worse still, when I made more force to remove it broke so I could no longer count on the weight distribution that comes from the belt. To identify a proper brooch ensure that you can adjust and release it smoothly, without feeling that you make an effort to do so and thus avoid unnecessary wear on your trip.

There are other important elements such as impermeability. However, you can save a lot of money by simply buying an external protector which is cheap and exists for all sizes of the backpack. There are options for ventilation channels, however, my experience is that they are not very effective and transpires much the same. Remember to try your backpack before buying it and see how it feels, if it fits you well. Keep the rest of the advice in mind and you are likely to make the right investment. Do not jump onto a bag as soon as you see it.

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