Tips On How to Handle Your Luggage While Traveling

Traveling, for the most part, is fun, exhilarating, and memorable. However, even with all its perks, the hassle that is involved mainly with the luggage during the entire process can be quite overwhelming. If we had it our way, one would love to pull a Mariah Carey and have all your 40 bags delivered to where you are going without worrying a single bit of how they got to and from the airports. Unfortunately, we are mere mortals that have to carry their own carry-on luggage. This is why you are bound to encounter some problems with your belongings as you traverse the continents. Here are the most common snags that you are likely to faces.

Lost Luggage

This will often happen at the airport. You are there waiting for your bag to come gliding along the conveyer belt until you realize that the last passenger has picked their bag. You are baffled until it dawns on you that the airline has lost your stuff. How to handle this: Always ensure that you have your baggage claim ticket on you at all times. These tickets will smoothen out things a bit as you fill the missing luggage form in the baggage claim area. On most occasions, the airline has either delayed your bag or has put it on the wrong plane. Either way, the carrier will deliver the luggage to the place you are staying in a couple of days. However, if they are not able to trace your bags, you can claim for damages. Unfortunately, most airlines will pay you a depreciated value for the possessions in your bag.

How to prevent this from happening

Old claim checks and extraneous tags are what confuse the baggage handlers and scanning machines into misplacing your luggage for the most part. Thus, remove those extra tags and remain with one or two that clearly indicate your name, address, and destination. Additionally, have an additional label inside the bag that has your contact information in case the ones on the outside get ripped off.


Have a carry-on which will contain a few clothes and necessities in the event something happens to your luggage.

Damaged Luggage

The first rule of traveling is to ensure that you have a good, sturdy, and durable luggage set. This is because the possibility of the bag getting ripped in unforeseen circumstances is genuine. Even with proper preparation, here are the most common luggage damage problems you are likely to face:

Broken wheels

The wheels on your suitcase make traveling life just a little less complicated; no one likes hauling heavy loads on their backs for extended periods. However, the stress that is applied on the wheels also makes them the most vulnerable to damage.

This is why it is advisable to buy suitcases or bags with detachable wheels. Arm yourself with an extra pair or two of the removable wheels so that you can easily replace them if they get broken. As a tip, when you replace the wheels, do not screw them on too tightly as they will become more susceptible to breakage. Additionally, screwing them loosely might cause them to fall off; find the perfect spot between tight and loose and test them for the convenient motion before you leave the house.

Stuck zippers Stuck zippers happen all the time and are routinely caused by threads of hair or yarn stuck in them. This is not only inconvenient but might also pose a threat to the security of your belongings.

Fortunately, solving this problem is typically straightforward. Waxing the zipper with candles or wax sticks will get the job done 90595 of the time, and the zipper will move smoothly once more.

Tips On How to Handle Your Luggage While Traveling

Even though we have gone through the most likely problems you are to face while traveling with your luggage; the following tips will prove useful in making sure that your luggage is secure.

1. Acquire tamper-proof baggage

Tamper-proof luggage is very essential, particularly when traveling to places you have never been before. This is because the new environment can be quite overwhelming causing you to let your guard down. Thieves will take advantage of this and try to steal from you when you are not looking. The smoothest way to do this is by slashing through the bag or puncturing through your zipper. Albeit more expensive, tamper-proof bags are slash resistant and even have anti-puncture zippers. This will ensure that you do not fall victim to discreet theft.

2. Keep luggage within your line of sight

This goes without saying. However, it is next to impossible to have your belongings next to you at all times while traveling. You can mitigate the risks by ensuring that your bags are always within your sights at all times. Remember, out of sight, out of mind. Even when you have to leave the bags unattended, maintain eye contact with them.

3. Carry your precious items in your carry-on

Your passport, expensive gadgets, jewelry, and wallet should always be with you at all times. Losing these things can quickly give your trip a sour taste. Your suitcase should contain your clothes and other bulky paraphernalia. Besides, would you rather lose your wallet or your clothes?

4. Choose bags with unique colors

Colorful luggage is essential for two reasons. One, you shall be able to identify them at the airport quickly, and two, thieves typically do not go for unique colored items as you will easily know that they are stealing from you. Dull colored luggage; on the other hand, tend to get mixed up with other people’s belongings making it hard for you to know whether the item being picked is yours or not.

5. Share responsibility for the baggage

If you are journeying as a family, make it clear to everyone what they are responsible for. This divided trust will help you have peace of mind knowing that the entire luggage is being accounted for. Additionally, if you are traveling alone, try and carry as less as possible; only take what you need. Travelling should be fun and adventurous. There is no need for spoiling a good trip just because you have had some luggage trouble. Follow the above tips, and you will more than likely have an event-free voyage.

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