Tourism in Island of Bangladesh

Chera Island

Chera Island or dwip is the most southern part of Bangladesh. It is the last point of Bangladesh. It is located 5km away from St. Martin. The total area of this island is about 3 km. It was found in the last of 2000 . It is a part of St.Martin but during tides it divides. The most visible part of this island is it’s natural beauty, ocean waves, sandy beaches, Huge Queue  number of coconut trees, thousand of coral reefs with different shapes, fossils of corals, colorful fishes. A huge number of migrated birds come to this island in winter season which is great attraction for tourists. Its beauty also enhances during the moonlit night. There have some small bushes of keya trees, which is the only green part of this island. Anyone can go there by walking during low tide and it takes only one and a half an hour to reach or one can go by trawler or by speedboat which will take one or half an hour from St. martin or from Coxsbazar. As people do not live in this island, so tourists go there after water gets down inn the morning around 10 am but must get back before 3 pm.

Moheskhali Island

Moheskhali is the only hilly island of Bangladesh. It is located 6 km away from Cox’sbazar of Bangladesh. According to history it was the first name as Moheskhal. It develops day by day and is going to name Moheskhali. It is the total seperate land of Bangladesh. The west and north side are located to the Bay of Bangle and south and east side are located to the river of Bakhali. In the centre and eastern coast of it has a range of low hills but the west and the north side are the low lying areas which is covered by mangrove forests. The main attraction of this island is Moheskhali Adinath’s Shrine which is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is located on the top of a coast side hill. Though it is one of the famous temples of South Asia, tourists regularly walk up to the hill top as it provides aerial view of the island. Other visiting palaces of this island are colorful Buddhist temple and pagodas, salt fields, shrimp, battle leaf, mangrove forests, hilly areas (around 300 ft. high), Rakhain villages. Tourist can reach the Moheskhali by road or by trawler or by speedboat. Shaheed Ziaur Rahman Biruttam bridge connects the island to the mainland, so, anyone can easily reach by road. By trawler it will take one hour and half an hour to reach and by speedboat it will take just half an hour to reach. There has no extra facilities to stay out but if anyone want to stay they can stay in Coxsbazar.

St. Martin’s Islands of Bangladesh

St.Martin Island is a small and the only coral island in Bangladesh. It is just about 8 square km. It is the most southern part of Bangladesh. It is situated at the north – eastern part of Bay of Bengal and located away 9 km south from Teknaf at Coxsbazar in Chittagong. It was first discovered by some Arabic sailors before 250 year. At that time they named this island ‘Jajira’. After the time of British Rulers they named this island as ‘St. Martin ‘. Locally it is known as ‘Narikel Jinjira ‘ or ‘Daruchini Dwip’ or ‘Narikel Jajira ‘. It is best choice for travelers to enjoy the natural beauty. The blue of the sky and blue water of sea merge here which create the heavenly beauty of Nature. The scenery of sun rises and sun sets are great attractions to the visitors. The beauty of moonlit night increased its beauty twice at time. Here people will see different kinds of turtles, jelly fishes, different types of fishes, thousands of coral, shells, green algae’s. Queue of Coconut trees, palm trees, and Keya trees give you another great looks. Communication systems are improving day by day. Now-a-days some ships are available for transportation. Recently many hotel motels are starting there journey. So there is no problem for accommodation.


Sonadia is a crescent island and is known as ‘Paradwip’. It is situated at the north – west side of Coxsbazar and south – west side of Moheskhali. It is located 7km away from Coxsbazar and the total area is about 9 square km. It is 7 km in length and 2 km wide The western side of this island is sandy and the northern side is green with wide mangrove forests, bushes of Keya and Nishinda. The fresh deep blue water of sea looks like a mirror. The island is mostly famous for different kinds of a shell, red crabs, turtle nests, shrimp farm, varieties of wildlife, various species of bird (about 52 species including migrates) . One can enjoy here live fishing and lifestyle of fishermen. Many dry fish industries are built up here. In summer fisherman makes camp for drying sea fishes. In winter many kinds of bird come here from different countries. Transportation is also easy on this island. Tourists can come here by a trawler or by boat or by speedboat.

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