Turn Your Pinterest Account into the Best Marketing tool

Obviously, Pinterest is one of the best Social media platforms. It grows rapidly. If you can utilize it properly, you can easily sell your products and Grow up the niche.

Who uses the Pinterest?

In a recent survey of comscore.com shows that about 68.2% women use Pinterest. This data is very much important because it helps you to choose the products. As most of the users are women, you have to emphasize on them.

Ratio of Pinterest User

Ratio of Pinterest User

Pinterest is rapidly growing in the United Kingdom (UK).According to the global Web Index , Pinterest users turn into double in the UK in the year of 2014. Then it becomes more popular in the United States of America

Ok Now you have familiar with two basic questions : who uses Pinterest. Where it is most popular. Now Start your business through Pinterest. I am going to discuss here some best practices of Pinterest account. This is the case study of Mahbubur Rahaman . Within 20 to 25 days he was able to make 5000 followers on Pinterest.

Case Study: How grew your Pinterest account 5K followers

Decorate your Profile

When people are going to follow you, he or she must check your profile first. If your profile doesn’t impress him at a first glance, he or she might not follow you. So decorating your profile plays an important role.

    1. Your Name With Keyword

Pinterest allows entering #37 characters including white spaces. You should make the perfect uses of it. Don’t use a brand name, Use your personal name. Add keyword or blog name at the end of your Pinterest name. Using of keyword help you to find you in Search.

Pinterest User Name with Keyword

Pinterest User Name with Keyword


  • Optimize the profile picture


The standard size of Pinterest profile picture is 165 x 165. Try to provide a profile picture of your own. People love to trust a person more than a logo. Show the pinner that you are not robot or salesman. You are real persons.


  • Express your Personality in About You Section


Most of the people do the common mistake in this section. They usually write the common sentences. Like, you are the mom and small business owner or something like this.

You will get 160 character spaces to write about yourself. Just take a time to write in this section. Try to write something impressive. Don’t forget to include your keyword in your writings.

Collect the Pin Images

All Pinterest pin are not eye catching

All Pinterest pins are not eye catching

Pinterest is nothing but collections of pins. Here different people share their stories through the images. So the very first thing of your journey is to start collecting pin images. Several online sites are available for collecting the pin images. Here I have mentioned some of the popular sites where you can get copyright free images. These images can create great pins in your account.

If you pay the attention of Pinterest feed you will see all the pins can’t catch your eyes. Some of the long pins attract you. The best pin size for the Pinterest is 735 x 1102. These sizes draw the attention of other Pinners.

Now save the following list of Website to collect images. From these sites, you will get best Pinterest images.


Photopin Website

Photopin Website

With the connection of flicker photo pin uploads copyrights free images on their site. This site is one of the best photo finding sites I have ever used. Using their Search box you will get almost all kinds of niche relevant photos.


Unsplash for Copyright free images

Unsplash for Copyright free images

Unsplash is another great site for collecting niche relevant photography. These photographies can be used as the pin on Pinterest. While you have started using the photograph from unsplash you will notice many people are using those images. The best practice is to scroll down the website of Unsplash. Find the uncommon pictures. Most of the people use the very first pictures in their Pinterest.


Morgue File Home page

Morgue File Home page

Very first time I used this site for collection of Pinterest images. Tons of exclusive copyright free images are available here. Their search box and explore functions are awesome to me.

Some helpful sites can be used to collect images.These sites provide copyright free images

  • Gratisography.com
  • FreeImages.com
  • FreePhotosbank.com
  • Pixabay.com

Infographic goes Viral

Infographics Go Viral

Infographics Go Viral

Infographic provides huge information in an Image. If you are able to provide relevant information, it may go viral. There are many sites for making infographic. My recommendation is to use Pikochart and Canava.

Rank your pins in News Feed & Search Engine

Watch carefully to your feeds. Why are the pins here? Why not yours? Pinterest has the smart algorithm. I have found three factors…
These are
a) Quality of Images
b) Your Interest
c) Website Quality

People search different keywords in Pinterest and Search Engine. If you want to rank your pins in Search Engine or Pinterest, abide the following rules

  • Use keyword Optimized Title
  • Use keyword in your Description
  • Use Quality Images
  • Try to use your keyword in the biginning of the Title and Descriptions

Board Optimization of Pinterest
Use Pinterest board’s title with your niche and Select the proper category. Move the top boards in the very beginning. Don’t leave blank any board. Provide at least six quality images in each board.

Pinning Strategy

Grow up your pinterest followers

Grow up your pinterest followers


  • Try to login in the Pinterest Every day
  • Repin the others pins
  • Follow the active Likers
  • To try collaborate others Board
  • Use their favourable Time


This is all the strategy of getting 5k followers within a month.Very first thing is the decoration of your profile, then the collection of pins, knowing the keyword strategy, then pin and follow active likers regularly. This will increase your followers within short time. Put emphasis on the timing and Quality of Pin Images

Have a Question ? Please ask me , I am waiting for your commnets and opinion.

Hi everybody, I am Meher Nigar. Love blogging, Online Marketing, Surfing internet .Knowledge is my passion. I am guest blogger here

  1. Reply
    Kazi Abir October 10, 2016 at 8:16 am

    Verry informative article.I saved the pages in my browser and Obviously I will read again and again the article to improve my pinterest account.But I could not understand how I will express my Personality in About my Section to make it impressive and attractive?Can you include any example…..? Let, my nish is fashion desigining or dog.

    • Reply
      Meher Nigar October 10, 2016 at 7:42 pm

      Wow, Great Question Indeed. Before providing the answer , I would like to ask a simple question. What do you when you are going to introduce a new people . I think you have understood the situations. In the Social Media it also applicable. Just You are a businessman , Now matter How small or big the business is ! loving dogs is your hobby.
      Now express yourself, See the above example in the picture above.

      While writing this post I have noticed a profile in Pinterest. Her name is Allison. She is Fashion Designer. I have found smart about section of her profile.She Writes
      “Fashion Design community outreach Coordinator and Senior Fashion Design Consultant of (Company Name)”. I think you will be interested in her now”
      This is the Smart Approach.

  2. Reply
    shahab October 10, 2016 at 3:43 pm

    I love it and this method is really helpful…But one things how many time take to do this task

    • Reply
      Meher Nigar October 10, 2016 at 7:44 pm

      That’s Great !! I think this will work for you. Invest as much time as possible. Pass atleast 1/2 Hours in a day on Pinterest.

  3. Reply
    Kawsar Ahmed October 10, 2016 at 7:25 pm

    Very informative article and so many things to know. I have to read this article again and again.

  4. Reply
    Anne October 30, 2016 at 7:17 am

    Pinterest can be a great source of traffic. As a bonus, it’s tons of fun! I enjoy promoting on Pinterest (which is more than I can say for Facebook or Twitter).

  5. Reply
    Razib Paul March 19, 2017 at 7:53 am

    Great article it’s help me.

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