World Tourism Day: Tourism for All

On September 27 every year United Nations World Tourism Organization celebrates the World Tourism Day. Tourism is one of the best media of a countries’ growth, economic development. UNWTO is working for the sustainable tourism around the world. Encouraging tourism with Global Code of Ethics for Tourism is one of the primary aims of UNWTO

World Tourism Day 2016

Like every year, World Tourism day 2016 will be celebrated around the world. Thailand and Qatar officials will host the world tourism day 2016. The theme of travel day of 2016 is “Tourism for All – promoting universal accessibility.” United Nations is working for the development of tourism industry. Source: UNWTO press release

International tourism organizations

Not only United Nations but also different organizations are working for the sustainable tourism of the world. Various tourism associations are available for this purpose. I am here going to provide some top listed Tourism organizations list

  1. Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA)
  2. Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) is US based travel also spreads its activities in Latin America, Brazil, Western Europe, Canada through its summit.


  3. American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA)
  4. ASTA is one of the largest travel organizations in the world. This group is famous for TRAVELSHOW. ASTA plays quality roles in lobbying and Networking

  5. Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA)
  6. It is the largest travel association in the United Kingdom. The central theme of ABTA is support, protection, and expertise. They have the strong code of conduct which help you to have good travel.


  7. Association of Independent Tour Operators (AITO)
  8. AITO is one of the best platforms of the United Kingdom. They have good expertness in travel and tourism management. They provide advice to spend the better holiday.

  9. Association of National Tourist Offices and Representatives (ANTOR)
  10. To make the lobbying for different tourist organizations’ offices ACTOR is one of the best choices. ANTOR is providing their services more than 60 years. ANTOR is working to make the close relationship with tourist

  11. Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA)
  12. CLIA has been providing its services from 1975 as a Leading of Global Cruise Community. CLIA is working to make your journey safe, healthy and sustainable, See more at

  13. National Tour Association (NTA)
  14. NTA is based on North America. They provide services for the private tour within North America. More than 500 hundred destinations and 1100 tour suppliers are working for NTA. It is one of the leading business-building association for professionals.

  15. The European Association for Tourism and Leisure Education (ATLAS)
  16. In June 2016 Atlas celebrate their 25 years of anniversary.ATLAS is doing tremendous work for the tourism industry. This organization is promoting tourism business, teaching about travel and tourism. The most important the they have research on the tourism sector.

  17. UN world tourism organization
  18. As I have mentioned earlier, United Nations Organization is working for the development of tourism industry. They are developing sustainable tourism policy and promoting the tourism sector. More than 100 countries of the world are providing technical supports to assists the UNWTO. At present 157 countries, 6 Associate Members and 500 Affiliate Members are working for this organization.

  19. The Tourism Society
  20. More than 1000 members who are involved in various activities
    to enhance the tourism sectors in this society. They have the strong team who are
    working for the teaching student. They have quarterly publications related travel.

These are some international tourist organization. There is numerous local tourism organization which facilitates you to make your tour excellent.

Top Tourist Destination of the World

According to the Telegraph , France is the most country in the world. It grabs France – 86.3 (estimate) +3% of the world tourist. Then the United States, Spain, and China attract the most tourists in the world. See the following list with Data

Highest Visited Tourist country

Highest Visited Tourist courntry

National Tourism Day

This section is about National tourism day for the different country. This section will be updated soon

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