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Aims & Objectives
Bangladesh!! we are proud of being Bangladeshi. we do feel proud of both our Motherland and culture. Do you as well? Think positively and sanguinely and then you will come across innumerable aspects here to feel proud of. We can boast of many things others do not possess. Ponder a bit –we are inferior to none. It can be categorically said that we have enough potentialities. If we trace and utilize them, we can go a long way. It is very feasible. We dream of taking our country to a long distance, Successful. We will be. One day we will stand upright with dignity among the nations of our planet. And it is our petite endeavor out of our responsibilities
Behind The Scene

Ontaheen is developed by five enthusiastic young people with an aspiration to do something special for the country of Bangladesh and the people of this country to introduce Bangladesh throughout the country. The people of Bangladesh have ignorance and prejudice about online. Therefore, Phobia works on their mind. Ontaheen is working for the removal of this ignorance, prejudice, and phobia. With this dream, Ontaheen started their journey to make materialize the dream in near future.

Contact With Sony
Sony, A student of Bangla

Sony, A student of Bangla Literature who have unbelievable deftness on Graphics Designing as well as film and media. He has the fascinating power of organizing. Along with the literary study, he remains busy with web designing, Generating New Ideas, Blogging, HTML coding etc. Literary mind and Computer experience make him notable. Now he doesn't practice web designing, but he remains busy with cinematography.

Contact With Sumon

Alauddin Sumon, A student of Genetic engineering and Biotechnology, enthusiastic and energetic. Though he is a student of Genetics but he has awesome ability to criticize, planning. He likes to make the business plan and find the errors of any plan. That makes him remarkable in the ontaheen team.

Contact With Rasel
Rasel, A student of Chemistry

Rasel, A student of Chemistry who has great thirst on every creative thing and does any types of work attentively. Beside Chemistry study he does awesome recitation. Along With Chemistry Lab, he remains equally busy within computer lab to edit and writes code. Positive mind, Eagerness to learn makes him extraordinary.

Contact With Jabed
Jabed, A student of Applied Physics

Jabed, A student of Applied Physics, Electronics, and Communication Engineering, has much interest in C, C++, HTML, Web Designing, and Networking. As a Student of physical Science, he remains busy with machinery instrument but allots his time equally to the Computer. The great interest of learning makes him remarkable.

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