Gp Minutes Offers: All Minutes Pack Info of Grameenphone 2017

Gp/Grameenphone offers several minutes packs for their customers. Get the complete list of Gp Minute offers. Choose the best one which is perfect for you. This is the complete list of Gp Minutes offers.

How to Buy GP Minutes

There are several ways to buy gp minute bundle package. Here I have written about the easiest ways to buy GP Minutes. To Buy the Gp minutes follow the following steps

  • Choose the package from above table
  • Find out the activation code
  • Dial the activation code
  • You will get SMS soon

GP bundle minute offer

The below offers are valid for Gp to Gp voice calling. Don’t misunderstand about these minute pack in gp. All the information are retrieve from Grameenphone website and gp offer messages

SlMinute OffersTK (BDT)Activation CodeValidityBalance Check
1 4 1.58 *121*4*1# 4 hours *1000*2#.
2 17 6.70 *121*4*2# 16 hours *1000*2#.
3 24 8.16 *121*4*3# 24 hours *1000*2#.
4 25 9 *111*25# 12 hours *1000*2#
5 40 14 *121*4*4# 16 hours *1000*2#
6 75 24 *121*4*5# OR *111*80# 24 hours *121*4*3#
7 100 43 *111*100# 3 Days *121*1*2#
8 150 60 *5000*131# 7 days *121*1*2#
9 300 99 *111*300# OR *121*4*6# 07 Days *121*1*2#
10 350 113 *111*129# 07 Days *121*1*2#
11 500 153 *111*153# 07 Days *121*1*2#
12 750 237 *111*300# or *121*4*6# 15 Days *121*1*2#

How to increase Gp minute validity?

There are two ways to increase Gp Minute validity. I have discussed here about two processes.


By Flexi Plan Apps

You can increase validity through Flexi plan apps. Follow the following steps to increase validity.
Download the app if you don’t have

  • Open Flexi Plan app
  • Select 0 Mb, 10 Minutes with 30 day validity
  • This will cost 10 BDT
  • Click Buy Now
  • Wait for the confirmation messages
  • Check the following image before buying

Buying the same package Again

The another ways to increase the minute pack validity is to buy the same package again. this will increase the same day validity.

Terms and Conditions of GP talk time bundle

  • Eligibility: All Gp Prepaid Customers including Djuice
  • Validity starts from purchasing time
  • Remaining minutes will forward if next purchase is done
  • Vat , Service charges and SD included

Are you looking for more Grameenphone offer? I have listed all the offers of Grameen phone. If you want to know about all internet offers then go through the Gp internet offers

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To set up the internet in your handset, I have arranged a guide for internet settings.

Still not are you searching for offers? Let me know through comments. I am eagerly waiting for your comments. If you love this share it on your social media wall. Hit the share button below.

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