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0 Islamic mosque in Bangladesh

Islam in Bangladesh: History, Fact & Culture

The majority of the people follow Islam in Bangladesh as their religion. According to the survey above 90 percent of the total population of Bangladesh are Muslim which is about 146.7 million. Due to the majority in number, Bangladeshi religion, family culture, traditions, foods etc. are greatly influenced by Islam ...

0 Laylatul Qadr Dua & Virtues

Laylatul Qadr Dua, Significance & Virtues

Laylatul Qadr is the most blessed and excellent night for Muslim Ummah. No other Ummah except Prophet Muhammad (SAW)’s Ummah got this opportunity of Laylatul Qadr. In the Holy Quran, it is clearly stated that this night is superior to thousands month. Allah (SWT) promised to provide special reward on this night, our ...

0 Shab E Qadr images Quotes

Shab E Qadr Images , HD Wall Papers & Quotes

Shab E Qadr is one of the holiest nights of Muslim Ummah. The Holy Quran revealed on this night. Muslim around the world performs different prayers during this night. As per declaration of Allah(SWT), The night is greater than 1000 months. Different verses o holy Quran signifies the importance of Shab E Qadr. Shab is ...

0 Taraweeh Namaz

Taraweeh Namaz: History, Meaning & Discussion

Taraweeh is one of the highly recommended prayers of Muslim. During the month of Ramadan, The believers of Islam pray Taraweeh Salah. This prayer is Sunnah Mustahabbah. The evidence of Taraweeh namaz is found in Quran and Sunnah direct & indirect respectively. According to different Muslim scholar, this salah comes ...

0 Ramzan 2017 India Picture

Ramzan 2017 India: Date and Fasting Timetable

Ramzan 2017 India will start on the evening of May 26, 2017. People of Indian Subcontinent will celebrate this day with great festive mood. Muslim Ummah will fast from dawn to dusk during this month. This is the holy month when people around the world do the more religious activity.Don't Forget to read: Lailatul ...

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