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The Saint Martin’s Islands, Bangladesh, Locally known as Narikel Jinjira (An Island of Coconut), is one of the most beautiful Islands in Bangladesh. Different Biological resources, the fascinating beauty of Island and the hospitality of the local people attract the tourist.Beautiful landscapes, clear sea water. Coral Colony, unique favorable environment and the roar of Beautiful Sea wave are the main attraction of thousands of visitors. I have composed this post for those who are intended to visit Saint Martin Islands. I believe this post will provide you complete guideline and information about Saint Martin Islands.

Geographical Description

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Saint Martin’s Island is located in the southeast part of Bangladesh, North East of Bay of Bengal and 9 Kilometer South of the Cox’s Bazar-Teknaf peninsula tip and at the Mouth of Naf River. This island situated between 20 degrees 34 minute and 20 degrees 39 minute North latitude and 92 degrees 18 minute and 92 degrees 21 East longitudes. About 5.2 Square Kilometer area covers this island. Including the Rocky are of the sea it covers 12 square kilometers.

This Island is divided into five regions. Uttar Para (Uttar means North and Para means area) which is the northern part of Saint Martin’s Island. Golachipa is the connector of two regions. Gola chip indicates the narrow area. It connects Madhya and Uttar Para. Madhya Para means that it is located in the middle area. Madhya means middle. It situated south of the Golachipa Area. Dakhin Para is located southern part of the Saint Martin Island. This area covers with rocky reef, and the last area is Cheradia which is the southernmost tip.

Fantastic Forms of Rocks in St. Martins Islands

Fantastic Forms of Rocks in St. Martins Islands (Courtesy: Majeda Haq)

History of Saint Martin’s Island

Clear History of Saint Martin’s Island hasn’t found. By talking with local people and some other reference, it is discovered that nobody was clear when and who explore this island first. Arabian Merchants uses this island as a place of taking rest. At that time, they named it Jajira.In the year of 1890, people started to live there. They plant coconut around the island. From this reason, this island is known as Narikel Jinjira. In the year 1900, this island is named according to the name of Saint Martin.

The Island of Saint Martin

The Island of Saint Martin

Weather of Saint Martin’s Island

The weather of this island is influenced by subtropical monsoonal climate. High temperature and high humidity are the common characteristics of this island. From October to February, this island belongs to mild weather with short rainfall. During March to May temperature remains high. Torrential rains have seen during June to September. During the rain, it is risky to visit there due to rough sea waves. If you are planning to visit Saint Martin’s Island, November to March will be the best time. At this time, calm and pleasant weather belongs there.

Peoples of St. Martin’s Island

Most of the people of this area are living below the poverty line. Above 60% of the population of this area are fishermen. They are not well educated. But they are very much hospitable. They have the strong emotion about their religion. Young children of this area manage their living by selling sea resources e.g. coral, rocks, starfishes, etc.

Irrawaddy Dolphin in Saint island

Irrawaddy Dolphin in Saint island

Tourist Resources

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All the St. Martin’s Island is a great resource for tourist. Cheradia (An area name of Saint Martin’s Island). Coral Reef, transparent water, rocks Floras, and Faunas are the great attraction for tourist. A beautiful Sunset and Sunrise surely delight your mind. There are so many natural resources as well as the lifestyle of local fishermen, the way of preparing boat before fishing enhance your experiences about the beauty of nature.

Tourist Guideline for Saint Martin’s Island

I am here trying to provide some of the suggestion to visit Saint Martin’s Island. This recommendation does not reflect the universal guideline to visit the Saint Martin’s Island.

How to go

Several bus services e.g. Hanif, Shayamoli, Unique and Saint Martin Poribahan, leave Dhaka to Saint Martin around 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm. At 9.30 am some of the ships are available to go Saint Martin from Teknaf Cox’s Bazar Peninsula. These ships back from Saint Martin at 3.30 pm. During the off peak, season ships are not available. If you are planning to visit at that time, you have to use the stroller (Large Boat) to reach Saint Martin.

From Dhaka, Several Flights are also available to Cox’s Bazaar. From the airport of Cox’s Bazaar, different types of Local services are available.

Foods Available in Saint Martin

As this is the sandy beach, most of the food are found related to sea e.g. Fishes, Vegetables and different types of crabs. Dry fishes are also famous in this island. Electricity is not massively available there.

What should not do

  • No fishing
  • No hunting or disturbance of birds and wildlife
  • No collection of wild plants
  • No discharge of chemicals or pollution
  • No loud noises or fires
  • No collection or purchase of corals (alive or dead), shells or sea urchins

To Write this article, i am cordially grateful to ECO Tourism Team specially Akash Aziz. Without his helpful hand, it will not be possible to write this.
If you have any question about the Saint Martin’s Island Please, mention it in the comment form below. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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