Sitakunda Eco Park Chittagong: A place for Tourism

Sitakundo upozilla is a source of fascinating beauty. Where on one side has the hill with high elevation and on another side has the estuary of the Bay of Bengal. Between them, there has some little space, where people use to live and do their businesses. The lands of these areas are fertile and full of natural resources. Due to the scarcity of living places, there has no park or any other entertainment places. Because of this reason, there build up an eco-park and a botanical garden which is named Sitakundo Eco-park. It is the largest commercial hub and the first eco-park in Chittagong.


It has a notable historical background, which are the blessings of many saints. Chittagong is known as ‘land of twelve saints [bara Awliar’s desh]. It is known as once a sage named Bhargava created a pond (kunda) for Sita Devi to bath in when her husband Lord Ramchandra visited during his exile in the forests. From then it delivered by the name of Sitakunda. Sitakunda was also ruled by various Buddhist rulers as well as by many Muslim rulers of Bengal in the west. It is a pilgrim for these three main religions of the country.

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It is located in the foothills of Chandranath hill in Sitakunda. It is about 37 km far away and in the west of Chittagong. It is the first and the biggest eco park and botanical garden in Bangladesh as well as in Asia
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Beauties of Sitakunda Eco Park

Entry Gate of Eco Park Sitakunda

Entry Gate of Eco Park

In the meantime you enter into the will see a big display map which will help to know about the pathways of eco-park. As the park is situated on the high elevation of the hill one can see the beautiful view of the entire town. Daily hundred of people come here to feel the nature. Lots of people are gathering in the winter season. The road between the hill is most zigzagged. While walking on these road different types of trees, flowers, birds will attract anyone.

Display Map of Eco park

A Big Model Map of Eco Park is Displayed After Entering the Ecopark

It was established in 2001 on 808 hectares (1997 acres) on the Chandranath hills. It is established for natural regeneration, to facilitate biodiversity conservation, new plantations and to promote nature-based tourism to generate income. The park belongs to 405 hectares (1001 acres) and the garden, 403 hectares (996 acres) under the Bariadhala Range of Chittagong Forest Division.

This park is rich with various flora and fauna. Natural Gymnosperm tree species like Podocarpus neriifolin and different types of Gnetum and Cycas grown here. Fishing cat, orangutan, monkey, bear, deer, pig, Manis crass caudatan etc and many more species of animal are lived here.

There have 150 species of flower in which 35 types of roses, 1500 species of trees along with medicinal, 100 number of Orchid of different types. A modern greenhouse is built here. Three natural springs are situated here. Two of them are named ‘Sohosrodhara’ and ‘Shuptodhara’. The springs look great during the rainy season.

Sohosrodhara Water Fall in Eco Park Sitakunda

Sohosrodhara Water Fall in Eco Park Sitakunda

There has three picnic spot, 8 guestrooms for the tourists. The Chandranath Temple is situated on the top of the Chandranath hill. People have to cross 252 stairs to get to the top of the temple. Total 1600 stairs have to cross from the foothills to get to the top of the temple.

Stairs of Eco Park Sitakunda

Stairs of Eco Park Sitakunda

The temple is 5 km away from the entrance of the park. In the month of Falgun a big fair which is known as ‘Siva Chaturdashi’ is held. Another big fair held on this month. It is held on ‘Amabashya rat’. Both fairs are held on according to the Bangla calendar. So, lots of Hindu pilgrims of all ages come here from all over the country. Those are the seasonal attraction of this temple.

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Entry Fee of Eco park

The entry fee is only 10 BDTto per head. But for educational institutions for every 100 people have to pay 100 BDT entry fee only. But for this have to inform before coming.

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How to Go

It is easy to travel in Sitakunda eco-park tourists can come here by bus, microbus, or by CNG taxi from Chittagong. If anyone wants to come here from Dhaka he can easily come by any bus services on the road.

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