Top 10 Colleges of Chittagong Bangladesh

Chittagong is the port city of Bangladesh. After the capital of Dhaka, it is considered as a commercial capital of Bangladesh. Numerous colleges are available here. Which are the top colleges of Chittagong? According to the Education Board of Chittagong here we are trying to provide best colleges list of Chittagong. I have made this list “Top 10 Colleges of Chittagong ” by considering the Total Number of registered students, regular examinee, total appeared examinee, a rate of Passing, the number of Golden A+ and Normal A+.I have graded every college on the scale of 100. The best scorer achieves the best position. Here is the list of Best 10 Colleges in the Chittagong.

Top Colleges in Chittagong


Fauzderhat Cadet Colleges, Sitakunda

Chittagong Scores 88.60 in the scale of 100. It is the best college of Chittagong.Highly regulation, Educational Qualifications, and other facilities made this college first.

Established on: 28 April 1958
EIIN Number: 105116
Website Link:


Chittagong College Chittagong Sadar, Chittagong.

It is one of the best colleges of Chittagong. As Fauzderhat Cadet College is not open for all, Chittagong College is considered the best colleges of Chittagong.Large academic campus, Academic History Other facilities made this college famous.

Established in:  1869
EIIN Number: 104532
Website Link:


Government Commerce College

Double Mooring Chittagong is the college for the students of Bussiness Studies. The College acquired 3rd position Chittagong. Well-Qualified Teachers, location and result of this institution made this college famous.

Established in:  1947
EIIN Number: 1043025
Website Link:


Government Hazi Mohammad Mohsin College

This college is named after the name of Hazi Mohammad Mohsin. It is one of the oldest colleges in Chittagong city which is established in 1874. A large campus with the natural beauty of Hill gives this excellent look. It is one of the best colleges of Chittagong

Established in: 1874
EIIN Number: 104527
Website Link:

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Chittagong Cantonment Public College, Chittagong

Chittagong Cantonment Public College is situated in Chittagong Cantonment area. The Bangladesh Army maintains this college. Excellent environment with prohibited activities of Politics made this campus peaceful. It is one of the best institutions of Chittagong.

Established in:  1961
EIIN Number: 104051
Website Link:


Ispahini Public School and  College, Chittagong

Ispahini Public School and  College is situated in Khulsi area , center of Chittagong. Discipline and exceptional ways of teaching are made this institution famous.  This institution is founded by Mirza Ahmed Isphani 1979.

Established in:  1979
EIIN Number   : 105826
Website Link:


Cantonment English School and College

Cantonment English School and College is another institute near Chittagong Cantonment. This institution started its journey in 1998. Cantonment International School is the previous name of the colleges. In the year of 2005, it was renamed as Cantonment English School and College. Good Academic performance made this institution famous.

Established in:  1998
EIIN Number: 131957
Website Link:


Chittagong Government City College

Chittagong Government City College is in the center of Chittagong districts. Different factors including results and other facilities of this institution make this college famous.

Established in: 1954
EIIN Number: 131368
Website Link:


Chittagong Government Girls College

Chittagong Government Girls College is another top college in Chittagong. This college is only for the girls. It is in Khulsi area.

Established in: 1968
EIIN Number   : 104693
Website Link:


BAF Shaheen College Chittagong

The Bangladesh Air Force maintains BAF Shaheen College Chittagong. Considering discipline, nice campus and results, passing rate and Number of A+’s are made this college famous.
Established in:  1978
EIIN Number: 104265
Website Link:

All Colleges Data Source Chittagong Education Board and Wikipedia


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