How to Pass Time on Internet effectively

The Internet is parts and parcel of our day to life now. Many of us waste our time doing unnecessary things. If you don’t want to spend your time, then you can follow this article. This article is about how to pass time on the internet effectively. In this article, I have provided several ways to pass time on the internet.
This article will help the students, game lover, knowledge seeker and the newbie of the web. I have written this article, internet who wants to gain something internet. Okey, I think you are ready. So not waste your time.

Introducing with different people

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If you have the eagerness to introduce the various people of the different country of the world, the Internet is the best options to do that. In social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google plus you will get in touch with different people. Chat with them. Ask them about themselves, their country, culture, tradition, food. Know about their profession, what they like what not.
If possible make friendship with them. Invite them to your country, residence; A good relationship may help you much more than academic knowledge. To make friendship, praise their thought, make comments, etc.
Don’t waste your time by seeing the adult, unnecessary pages or dirty talk. Don’t be addicted.


Browsing Youtube is another great way to pass time internet. What do want? Movie lovers will get the film, different speeches of great people, Learning various topics, just write your keywords what are you searching for youtube, then press enter. Every second thousand of hours videos are uploaded to this site. In my previous post, I have written about best websites to pass time for the educational purpose


Every person has potentialities. Just start a free blog or you can buy domain hosting from any company. Just make a minimal design of your blog. You may prefer to make the design of your website. Start writing about your thinkings, travel, awesome moments, struggle of your life, etc. whatever you like.
After some days apply for Adsense. It will help you to make money. Before applying just read the rules about Google Adsense policy. It is not the toughest thing.
If you are good at writing reviews of different elements of the instrument , you may try Amazon affiliate programs.

Newspaper Reading

The newspaper is the best source gaining recent news. Read national, local dailies as well as international journal regularly. This will help you to become updated about daily trends. If you prefer, you can write about your thoughts in your personal blog. This is one of the best ways of blogging.

Helping people to be wise

There are different international Communities where different people are asking various subjects. If you know about those topics you may help. It will help you to build up a community. People will get benefitted with your answer. Sites like, yahoo answer, etc. are the best platform for building community.

Playing Games

Uff…. You have already got bored. Start playing different online games. It will refresh your brain. You can also play different brain games. Like scientific IQ test, Brain Puzzle, etc.
IQ test is the best channel that will help you.

Listening Music

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The Internet has opened a new era of music. Every other thousand of music are played in online. You may hear from online radio or youtube channel.

At last, there are many others ways to pass time on the internet. These are only my opinion and interest. I know, I have missed several topics. Please let me know, how you pass time on the internet in comments.

This is my personal Blog . I love to play with Web. Blogging, Web design, Learning, travelling and helping others are my passion.This blog is the place where I write anything whatever come in my mind. You can call it My Personal Diary. This blog is my partner of My Endless Journey

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