Dhaka to Comilla Train Schedule

If you reside in Dhaka for Job, study or any other issue and want to visit Comilla for any purpose through train then the train will be one of the best options to travel Comilla. Here I have organized Dhaka to Comilla Train Schedule according to the Bangladesh Railway

Dhaka to Comilla Train Schedule Details

There are many trains to go Dhaka to Comilla.Most of the trains travel Comilla on the way to visit Chittagong. So, Dhaka-Chittagong Train is one of the ways to reach Comilla.

Mohanagar Provati: This train leaves Dhaka Station at 7.45 am to Chittagong.It will halt in Comilla. From Dhaka Station, you can collect Comilla Ticket.There is no off day for Mohanagar Provati. It will reach Comilla around 11 Am.

Mohanagar Express: Mohanagar Express runs every day in a week except Sunday. If you want to catch Mohanagar Express, you have to avoid Sunday. It leaves Dhaka at 21.00 and reaches in Comilla at 00:52. The train no is 721.

Chittagong mail: It is a mail train which departs from Dhaka at 10.30 am and reach Comilla 4.00 am.

Karnafuli Express: Karnafuli Express is the express train which leaves Dhaka at 8.30 am. Karnafuli Express reach in Comilla at 14:20.

The Other trains are Dhaka Express, Comilla Commuter. One can buy the train ticket from any railway stations from Dhaka. Internet Ticketing, Mobile Ticketing

Comilla to Dhaka Train Schedule

If you want to visit from Comilla to Dhaka, The trains are same options but timing is different.The following data of Comilla to Dhaka.

Comilla to Dhaka Train time table

Train Type Train Name Off Day Departure Time
Inter City Mahanagar Godhuli None 5:54 pm
Inter City Upakul Express Wednesday 11:50 am
Inter City Mohanagar Express Sunday 3:19 pm
Inter City Turna None 01:42 pm
Mail/Express Dhaka Mail None 01:30 pm
Mail/Express Karnafuli Express None 1:30 pm
Mail/Express Dhaka Express None 11:33 pm
Mail/Express Chattala Express Tuesday 11:40 am
Mail/Express Comilla Comuter Tuesday 06:10 am
These are the options of the journey from Dhaka to Comilla by train. If you need more details please Comments below. Happy Dhaka to Comilla Train Journey

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    Anower August 14, 2017 at 9:58 am

    have any train at morning ex dhaka to comilla?

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    Md hasan Ali August 25, 2017 at 3:22 pm

    tuesday afternoon ticket for Comilla to dhaka

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