Dhaka to Chittagong Train Ticket Price with Schedule

Are you looking for Dhaka to Chittagong train ticket price or searching for Dhaka to Chittagong train ticket booking? If the answer is Yes, You are in the right place. Here, you will get the Bangladesh Railway ticket price of Chittagong to Dhaka with their time schedule and instruction for Bangladesh railway ticket booking through mobile and online. Hope this post will help you.

Dhaka to Chittagong Train

During the recent years, Bangladesh Railway developed much more than any other time. There are eight trains available in Dhaka to Chittagong root. Both intercity and mail train are available here. According to Bangladesh Railway (BR), the trains name are following

  • Subarna Express
  • Mahanagar Godhuli
  • Mohanagar Provati
  • Mohanagar Express
  • Turna Express
  • Sonar Bangla Express
  • Chittagong mail
  • Karnaphuli Express
  • Chattala Express

Here, the first five trains from Subarna Express to Sonar Bangla Express are intercity trains. Last three of the train’s names are mail train.

Dhaka to Chittagong Train Ticket Price with Schedule

According to the Bangladesh Railway, all the trains have a definite arrival time and departure time. Without any accidental case, this timetable must be followed. In the following list, you will get the Bangladesh Railway time schedule Dhaka to Chittagong Train.

Subarna Express

Subarna Express runs Dhaka to Chittagong & Chittagong to Dhaka. Subarna Express schedules 6 days in a week except Friday.
Root: Dhaka to Chittagong / Chittagong to Dhaka
Time Schedule: 7.00 am (Departure time from Chittagong) , 15:00 (Departure time from Dhaka)
Duration of Journey: 5 Hours 10 Minutes.
Subarna Express Ticket Price: Shovan Chair- 355 BDT and Snighdha – 673 (According to the Bangladesh Train ticket price)

Mohanagar Provati

Mahanagar Provati runs 7 days in a week. It doesn’t have any off day.
Root: Chittagong To Dhaka / Dhaka to Chittagong
Departure Time: 7.40 am (From Dhaka) , 7.20 am (From Chittagong)
Sub-Stations: Airports, Bhairab Bazar, B. Baria, Akhawura, Comilla, Feni
There are total 16 compartments are available in Mahanagar Provati Which includes one restaurant, one power. There are separate place for prayer
Mahanagar Private Ticket Price:

  • AC- 756 BDT
  • First Class: 455 BDT
  • Snighdha Second Class: 345 BDT
  • Shovon Chair: 150 BDT
  • Shovan Chair Second Class: 125 BDT
For Three years to twelve years Children, you have to buy half ticket compulsory.

Mahanagar Ghodhuli

It runs Dhaka to Chittagong. The number of this train is 722/703.
Departure Time: 4.40 PM (From Dhaka) and 3.00 PM (From Chittagong)
Substations: Feni, Comilla, Akhaura, B. Baria. Bhairab Bazar
Train Ticket Price:

  • S. Chair: 320 BDT
  • Snighdah: 610 BDT
  • AC Seat: 731 BDT

Turna Nishita

Turna Nishita Runs every night from Dhaka and Chittagong. The Time schedule of Turna Nishita is 11 PM both from Dhaka and Chittagong. The substations are Feni, Lakhsam, Comilla and B. Baria
Turna Nishita Ticket price (Dhaka to Chittagong)

  • S. Chair: 320 BDT
  • Ac Seat: 731 BDT
  • AC Bath: 1093 BDT

Sonar Bangla Express

Sonar Bangla Train schedules Every day in a week except friday from Dhaka and Satureday from Chittagong. There is no alternate train for Sonar Bangla Express. The train number is 788. It takes single time halts during its journey.

Sonar Bangla Train Ticket Price

  • Shovon Chair: 600 BDT (Including Everything)
  • Snigdha: 1000 BDT
  • AC Seat: 1100 BDT

Bangladesh Railway Ticket Online Booking are available in Bangladesh Railway official Website

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