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A Journey By Train Composition for Class 5, 6, 7,8,9,10

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In this article, we have provided compositions about a journey by train for different class levels. You will find compositions for Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. Each composition is written to match the learning level of the students. Read below to find the composition that suits your class.

A Journey By Train Composition  

Journey by train is the most common thing in our ultra-modern civilization. It is also an enjoyable experience. Indeed, journey is always a pleasure to me. Whenever I go on a journey, my heart is filled with joy. But my greatest pleasure is a journey by train. It is ever exciting.

During the last autumn vacation, our school was closed for ten days. My uncle lives in Sylhet. He came home on leave. I requested him to take me to Sylhet. He agreed at this. My heart danced with joy to hear this because of I always like a journey by train.

The day was fixed. We reached the station in time and bought two tickets. The train was not yet in. The whole platform was a scene of great confusion and noise. It was crowded with passengers. Some were sitting near their luggage. Some were moving about Rickshaws; motor cars and all other conveyances were coming to the station with passengers. Coolies were running behind them. Vendors were crying out loudly to sell their goods. Then the train came in. We got into the second-class compartment. We occupied two comfortable seats in the compartment.

The time for the departure of the train was drawing near. Soon the warning bell rang. Just at 9.00 a.m., the second bell rang. The guard whistled and waved his flag. Then the train whistled loudly and slowly moved on. We now felt a great relief. My mind was full of joy. I looked outside through the window. The train ran at moderate speed. Then it crossed a bridge over a river with a clattering noise. Inside the train, the passengers were talking and hawkers were selling their goods. But outside there was the beauty of nature all around. I was thrilled to see the vast paddy fields. It was a great fun to see houses and trees slip backward from the moving train. Sometimes the train stopped at railway stations. The passengers got down and got into. Then the train started and passed through some villages. I saw the people doing something. All these things charmed me greatly.

At about 5.00 p.m. we reached our destination. Then we alighted from the train & went out of the station. My uncle's private car was waiting for us. We got into the car and reached my uncle's house in a few minutes,

I enjoyed the journey most. The journey gave me immense pleasure. It was really interesting. I shall never forget the sweet memory of this journey.

Composition on A Journey By Train

Introduction: Train is the longest vehicles on land. Its line is quite different from other roads. On the land journey, the train journey is both cheap and pleasant.

Occasion: One day my uncle asked me to spend the summer vacation at his residence in Jessore. Then I got a chance of making a journey by train from Khulna to Jessore. 

Journey: On the 3rd day of the vacation I reached Khulna Railway Station at 8 am. I saw many passengers moving to and fro in the platform and waiting for the train. I stood in the queue to book a ticket. Fortunately, I booked a ticket for the second class compartment. When the counter master blew a whistle, the train arrived, I got into the second class compartment and took my seat beside the window.

Description: I was waiting when the train began to move. In time and with another signal the train started moving slowly. There I heard a hue and cry of the passengers. The terminal situation was a new experience for me. It was an Intercity Train which was bound for Rajshahi. It was the most speedy vehicle in the line. Passengers of different classes and tastes were traveling by train.

Sights enjoyed: When the train started running, some hawkers came to our compartment. Some passengers bought various things from them. I only bought a pocket comb. I saw some passengers in my compartment gossiping, reading newspapers, laughing and sitting silently. I thought of walking from compartment to compartment. I saw passengers of different cultures and traditions doing so. But the activities of all passengers were not my liking. In the next compartment, I saw a blind man singing a religious song with an old patterned harmonium. The passengers in that compartment were spell-bound to hear or listen to the song. The passengers gave him one or two takes as alms.

Sights outside the train: Coming back to my seat I kept casting my eyes outside the window. The speed of the train was not less than 45 km per hour. The trees and villages beside the train line seemed to be running backward at a great speed. I saw men, women, and children working together in the fields. The IRRI field looked charming. Some farmers were cultivating the land with pairs of bulls/cows.

An unlawful act in the train: Suddenly, there came the IT. or ticket collector. Every passenger showed him his respective ticket. Two teenagers failed to show their tickets. The T.T. out of rage rebuked them. They did not protest against it but bore it with tolerance. Then the T.T. cashed them saying. "Ticketless journey by train or any kind of vehicle is very offensive. You should not practice this sort of malpractice. Be obedient to law and lead a legal and lawful life, my boys." This advice came up to no help. When the TT. left, the so-called teenagers began to burst into laughter.

Charms: The train journey is more comfortable because the passengers receive no jolts in it. The train runs smoothly. Among the charms of traveling by train, I should mention the brief halts at wayside stations. The character of a station changes with the character of people. Speech and dress, manners and food are different as I pass from one place to another.

Destination: At about 10-30 am. the train reached Jessoremy destination. When the train stopped, I got down gently. Then I hired a rickshaw towards my uncle's residence. And thus my train journey ended.

Conclusion: I enjoyed the journey happily. I did not face any trouble on the way. So, the journey gave me an immense pleasure. Hence, the impact of the journey will remain ever memorable.

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