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Essay on Family- Common for all students

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  • May 21, 2024
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The world is regarded as a global village. It is a global family and we are the members of it. Despite this, there are different kinds of families within the global village. These families have different features of their own. Then it seems we live in the same vessel but in different cabins.

Some families: Each and every member of each family is born and brought up in a different way without being influenced by another. Here are some of the families described in brief.

Bangladeshi family: Bangladesh is densely populated. The number of families is much more than the land area. There are two types of families in Bangladesh- single family and joint family. Single-family comprises a husband (father), a wife (mother) and one or two children. But a joint family consists of grandparents, parents, cousins, their wife, and children, uncle etc.

In a single family, the husband is the head of the family. It is a chaos-free family. No member is disturbed by other. Each member has liberty or freedom will to work either for him/her or for the family interest. A student in such a family finds an undisturbed time and room to go on studying with rapt attention. Many a time, it so happens that a member feels bored and lonely for he/she can't gossip or hold a chat with. He/she can't enjoy the companionship of the family members.

Very often parents remain busy in the outside world (work). Then they fail to exchange filial affection with each other or one another. Joint family means an extended family where everyone is to perform the domestic chores. But Milliner is also found in the family. A student living in such a family feels disturbed. He/she is to share his / her room with a guest or another member. There always exists chaos and confusion there.

In a joint family member of tender age can learn some tracts which are not in link with an aristocratic family. Each member becomes a class by himself. In Bangladeshi families, the men wear lungyi and shirt but the women wear sari and blouses. On occasion, they also change their traditional dresses. Then they put on Panjabi and trouser, In some families, women also wear kamij and selwars. The men are the head of the families in Bangladesh.

Myanmar family: Most families in Myanmar are single family. The maintenance power is vested in mother. In most families, the mother manages the families and runs the households. The men and women wear national dress. The national dress of Myanmar for both men and women is lungyi, along lightly wrapped skirt worn from the waist up to the hilt (anklets), women wear blouses and lungyis. Women in Myanmar families have more right than many Asian women.

Kenyan family: Most Kenyan families were polygamous. Then polygamous families were embedded into extended family units comprising a man, his several wives, and their married sons and daughters. But in link with the modern world, these are now changing the old customers of polygamous marriage is yielding to the new practice of monogamy, albeit many polygamous families can still be found in the rural areas of Kenya.

On the other hand, many monogamous Kenyans are now living in nuclear families with their single spouse and children. Many of them have already left/given up/avoided their pastoral life. They have now become wage-earners in cities and towns.

They can hardly give up their extended families and lineage connection back in their villages. Many Kenyans are to maintain two households. The earning member is the head/authority of such families.

Family formation: Family formation differs from country to country. In our country there prevails the paternal system of family. Father is the head of it. He takes a final decision in every aspect. He marries off his adult or young aged son and daughter.

Children in our society bear the introduction of their father. In order to be familiar with an unknown person. he tells his father's name on credit. A father generally holds his social status in our country but the maternal system prevails in Kenya The children of Native Americans follow their mother's clan. Women always help men. They own the land.

Conclusion: To conclude, it can be said that family features always differ from one country to another.

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